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Magazine articles on agriculture, livestock, and genetically engineered foods.
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Mother Jones
Jul/Aug 2002
Kristin L. Johannsen
Root Rustlers In Appalachia, a new cash crop could save forests and communities -- if poachers don't get it first. mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
Science News
August 17, 2002
Janet Raloff
Fruit: Towards Virtual Taste Tests When it comes to fresh fruit, looks can be deceiving. Federal engineers with the Agricultural Research Service hope to up a buyer's odds with a system they're developing that uses near infrared light to gauge each apple's sweetness and firmness. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
September 1, 2002
Jennie L. Phipps
Farm Bill Gives Tractor Sales Traction China deal also sparks hope in troubled farm-equipment sector, which is adding new technologies to entice buyers. mark for My Articles 214 similar articles
July 29, 2002
Linda Baker
The not-so-sweet success of organic farming Pesticide-free, non-genetically modified food is a big, global business now. But, ironically, small farmers are getting the shaft. mark for My Articles 302 similar articles
Science News
June 22, 2002
Janet Raloff
The Buzz Over Coffee New research finds evidence that Africanized "killer" honeybees in the Americas have been performing a hitherto unrecognized service for people around the world. They've helped keep down the cost of growing high-quality coffee. mark for My Articles 98 similar articles
May 1, 2002
Damien Cave
Old McDonald had a subsidy Congress is set to hand over $170 billion to farmers. But to one grower of fava beans in California's Central Valley, the money isn't just bad economics -- it's an outright insult... mark for My Articles 204 similar articles
Mother Jones
Jan/Feb 2002
Jane Akre
An Engineered Controversy Farmers fear that genetically altered tobacco will contaminate their crops... mark for My Articles 204 similar articles
Science News
January 5, 2002
Janet Raloff
Beefy Losses Cattle ranchers are facing some puzzling -- and, at times, economically devastating -- problems with pregnant cows and calves... mark for My Articles 74 similar articles
December 2001
Jack Hitt
One Nation, Under Ted Ted Turner and his son Beau control 1.8 million acres of prime U.S. ranchland, where they’'re unloading a fortune to revive endangered species, revolutionize grazing, and (don’'t tell the neighbors) help wolves restake their claim on a wilder, toothier American range... mark for My Articles 24 similar articles
November 2001
William Neuman
The Grapes of Math A biochem company called Enologix says it's cracked the code for making fine wine. Care for a nice norisoprenoid anthocyanin blend? mark for My Articles 593 similar articles
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