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Magazine articles on agriculture, livestock, and genetically engineered foods.
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National Gardening
National Gardening editors
Fresher Market Strawberries "We thought we'd try surrounding them with a little extra amount of a natural antifungal compound they make themselves," he explains. mark for My Articles 17 similar articles
March 2004
Julian Sanchez
Got Bilk? Under the Dairy Act, dairy farmers pay almost $4,000 a year to fund such ads as Got Milk? Some farmers are fighting for the right to opt out of the program on free speech grounds. mark for My Articles 59 similar articles
March 1, 2004
Stacy Cowley
Tracking Mad Cows with IT The mad cow incident has made developing the underlying technology for the US Animal Identification Plan (USAIP)--in development since October 2002--an urgent priority for the USDA. mark for My Articles 174 similar articles
March 1, 2004
Arlene Weintraub & Ginsburg
A High-Tech Race To Corral Mad Cow Radio chips and retinal scans vie for the job of tracking cattle from birth to butcher mark for My Articles 207 similar articles
March 1, 2004
Janet Ginsburg
Now Is Not The Time To Drag Our Heels On Testing Two months after the Agriculture Dept. announced the first case of mad cow in the U.S., dozens of countries, including Mexico and Japan, continue to ban American meat. The USDA is dragging its heels on approving rapid tests. mark for My Articles 80 similar articles
The Motley Fool
February 18, 2004
W.D. Crotty
Sing Chiquita's Praise After a rough patch, Chiquita Brands follows through with more good results. mark for My Articles 70 similar articles
The Motley Fool
January 5, 2004
Rex Moore
What Now for Mad Cow? Two weeks after the disease surfaced in the U.S., there are more questions than answers. mark for My Articles 143 similar articles
January 2, 2004
Susan Kuchinskas
'Mad' Scramble for Electronic Livestock Tracking RFID vendors say they have the technology at hand to help U.S. officials track the origins of mad cow disease in livestock. But who's going to get it down to the farm? mark for My Articles 264 similar articles
January 12, 2004
Arlene Weintraub
Commentary: A Bum Steer On Mad Cow Disease Despite USDA reassurances, America's beef supply -- and its citizens -- are at risk. mark for My Articles 155 similar articles
December 31, 2003
Janis Mara
Beef Marketers' Online Mad Cow Flop Confronted with a marketing nightmare -- the first U.S. case of mad cow disease (BSE) -- Web sites of many beef businesses and organizations aren't responding. mark for My Articles 122 similar articles
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