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Magazine articles on the automotive manufacturing and retailing industry.
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March 1, 2006
John Teresko
GM's Revamp Consolidates Suppliers A decade after becoming GM's first CIO, Ralph Szygenda accelerates IT globalization with a $15 billion program. mark for My Articles 443 similar articles
Job Journal
February 19, 2006
Michael Kinsman
Ford Runs Down Employees Will the automaker's tough words rev up the workers -- up or run them down? mark for My Articles 437 similar articles
The Motley Fool
February 16, 2006
Brian Gorman
Daimler's Small Steps The company's strategy in the Chrysler unit -- introducing new vehicles with bold styling -- has helped the American unit's performance. But investors still shouldn't expect miracles. mark for My Articles 365 similar articles
March 1, 2006
John S. McClenahen
Flexible Manufacturing: Doing Double Time Oshkosh Truck Corp. produces commercial and military trucks on one line - and can adjust for last-minute customer requests. mark for My Articles 93 similar articles
February 15, 2006
Ben Worthen
Highway to Value General Motors built the OnStar system according to a simple value proposition - helping drivers on the road helps sell cars. mark for My Articles 467 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
February 2006
Reports From Around The World Lincoln Zephyr an affordable luxury sedan... Toyota Yaris replaces Echo... Lucerne now the flagship Buick... Lotus Exige is amazingly responsive... Acura TSX & RL get subtle refinements... mark for My Articles 105 similar articles
February 20, 2006
Gail Edmondson
Diesel Gets Cleaner And Greener Daimler's new engine beats hybrids for pep and fuel efficiency, but it's not cheap. mark for My Articles 335 similar articles
The Motley Fool
February 7, 2006
W.D. Crotty
GM Going Into Crisis Mode GM appoints Jerome York to its board and cuts its dividend. For now, the auto maker appears to be on the right path. But for investors, the stock is still a speculative investment mark for My Articles 808 similar articles
February 13, 2006
Welch & Foust
The Good News About America's Auto Industry Sure, Detroit is hurting. But in the Sunbelt, foreign carmakers are expanding, hiring, and stoking local growth. mark for My Articles 1142 similar articles
February 13, 2006
Aaron Bernstein
The Undoing Of A Done Labor Deal? GM retirees are in court, charging the UAW pact gouges them unfairly on health costs. mark for My Articles 598 similar articles
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