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Magazine articles on chemical supply and research companies.
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December 6, 2004
Michael Arndt
A Chemist Heats Up Dow Corning CEO Stephanie Burns is drawing on her own experience in the lab to guide Dow Corning Corp.'s rebirth. mark for My Articles 134 similar articles
December 1, 2004
Tonya Vinas
Building For Biofuels Uncertainty in oil prices is just one reason ethanol producers are building more plants in the U.S. mark for My Articles 253 similar articles
The Motley Fool
November 1, 2004
Rich Smith
Buy the Dow The only discordant note in Dow Chemical's earnings report came from its cash-flow statement. The company's revenues for the quarter surpassed $10 billion, a 26% increase over Q3 2003. mark for My Articles 1040 similar articles
The Motley Fool
October 26, 2004
W.D. Crotty
DuPont Banks Shiny Quarters DuPont has its third consecutive quarter of higher revenue and earnings. mark for My Articles 439 similar articles
The Motley Fool
October 4, 2004
Tom Taulli
Cytec Doubles Down on Chemicals The leading specialty chemical products company spends the big bucks on an acquisition that will double its annual revenues. While the acquisition looks good on paper, it is still a huge undertaking with enough inherent risk to make investors jittery. mark for My Articles 9 similar articles
July 26, 2004
David Henry
Rising Prices: Just The Catalyst Dow Needs The current wave of chemical price rises is going to last longer than anyone thought, delivering higher and higher profits to Dow well into 2006. mark for My Articles 523 similar articles
July 1, 2004
Tonya Vinas
DSM's BioTech Benefits Manufacturing executives love process changes that save money. Process improvements for chemical manufacturing that make use of biotechnology techniques often include a second benefit -- decreased environmental impact. mark for My Articles 40 similar articles
The Motley Fool
June 15, 2004
Roger Nusbaum
Praxair's Not Just Hot Air The chemical company Praxair continues to provide impressive dividends. mark for My Articles 698 similar articles
The Motley Fool
June 3, 2004
Mark Mahorney
Breast Enhancer Bounces Back Dow Corning emerges from bankruptcy after nine years spent protecting itself from several hundred thousand suing women who claimed that ruptured silicone breast implants made by the company were the cause of autoimmune diseases. Now what? mark for My Articles 98 similar articles
Fast Company
June 2004
Ian Wylie
Brush With Success What if cleaning the air of pollutants was as easy as, well, letting paint dry? The chemical reaction in a new "ecopaint" could help win the war on urban pollution. mark for My Articles 69 similar articles
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