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Magazine articles on chemical supply and research companies.
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Chemistry World
July 5, 2012
Bayer buys crop protection firm for $425m German chemical and healthcare giant Bayer has struck a deal to buy US firm AgraQuest, which makes pest control products based on 'natural' or specially bred microorganisms. mark for My Articles 32 similar articles
Financial Planning
July 1, 2012
Craig L. Israelsen
Material World The natural resources mutual fund sector has a number of attractions, but one characteristic that is probably not immediately evident to many investors is that these funds do not correlate closely with broad stock indexes. This, it turns out, is a valuable feature. mark for My Articles 173 similar articles
Chemistry World
June 27, 2012
Laura Howes
Clariant to sell businesses Swiss speciality chemicals company Clariant has released its strategic targets up until 2015. mark for My Articles 9 similar articles
Chemistry World
June 21, 2012
Andrew Turley
Industrial nitroglycerin made fast and safe Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology in Pfintzal, Germany, have come up with what might be the safest approach yet -- using microreactors to produce nitroglycerin continuously rather than in batches. mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
Chemistry World
June 20, 2012
Rebecca Brodie
Faster removal of cigarette filters from the environment Filters can take years to degrade. Celanese Corporation has been working to develop a filter that contains a controlled-release organic acid to catalyse the hydrolysis of the filter material. mark for My Articles 18 similar articles
Chemistry World
June 19, 2012
New US R&D site for silicones Bluestar Silicones has just opened a new R&D center in South Carolina. The company, part of chemical group China National Bluestar, says it is aiming to become 'a significant player in the silicones industry' by doubling sales over the next five years. mark for My Articles
Chemistry World
May 29, 2012
Solvay opens 200 employee Indian R&D centre The center -- in Savli, Gujarat State -- will focus on high-performance polymers, organic chemistry, nano-composites and green chemistry. mark for My Articles 153 similar articles
Chemistry World
May 28, 2012
Sarah Houlton
HDL drug class struggling after latest flop The failure of dalcetrapib, a drug from Roche designed to raise HDL, or 'good', cholesterol, has turned the spotlight again on such drugs. mark for My Articles 84 similar articles
Chemistry World
May 24, 2012
Rebecca Trager
EPA's chemical assessment program The US National Academy of Sciences will conduct a 'comprehensive examination' of the assessment process that underlies the EPA's Integrated Risk Information System, through which the agency provides health data on over 550 chemical substances. mark for My Articles 121 similar articles
Chemistry World
April 11, 2012
Mico Tatalovic
Croatian scientists call for chemical reagent regulation Prominent Croatian scientists are calling for better regulation of the domestic market for laboratory chemicals and reagents as prices can be as much as 70% higher than in other European countries. mark for My Articles 47 similar articles
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