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Magazine articles on manufacturers of computers, semiconductors, audio, video, and other electronic devices.
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Fast Company
Chris Gayomali
Apple Introduces The IPhone 6 And The IPhone 6 Plus If the iPhone 5 was the last phone that Apple founder Steve Jobs left his fingerprints on, the iPhone 6 revealed today (two generations after the fact!) is Tim Cook's boldest step yet to distance himself from his former boss. mark for My Articles 1001 similar articles
Pharmaceutical Executive
August 1, 2014
Turbeville et al.
Google Glass -- A User's Guide in Healthcare Three medical affairs experts review the capabilities of Google's latest technology for delivering information to healthcare professionals in the field. mark for My Articles 31 similar articles
Fast Company
September 2014
J.J. McCorvey
Why Does Apple Need Beats? It's All About The Music For this piece of Apple's strategy, success will likely depend on one man: Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine, who cofounded the company in 2006 with the rapper Dr. Dre. mark for My Articles 129 similar articles
Fast Company
Harry McCracken
Four Decades Later, HP Gets Back Into Smartwatch Business Another tech company plans to get into the smartwatch business. At the moment, the industry is so giddy over the category that everyone wants a piece of it. mark for My Articles 174 similar articles
Fast Company
Victor Kotsev
HP's Post-Electronic Solution To Tomorrow's Huge Data The HP Machine solves the problem by abandoning the electron -- at least for some key purposes. Memory systems are moving to the ion. mark for My Articles 438 similar articles
July 18, 2014
Leonard Klie
Apple and IBM Forge Global Partnership to Transform Enterprise Mobility IBM and Apple will collaborate on a number of industry-specific mobile applications and bring more Apple iOS devices to the business world. mark for My Articles 1243 similar articles
Fast Company
Neal Ungerleider
IBM's $3 Billion Investment In Synthetic Brains And Quantum Computing Over the next five years, IBM will invest a significant amount of their total revenue in technologies like non-silicon computer chips, quantum computing research, and computers that mimic the human brain. mark for My Articles 701 similar articles
Fast Company
Rebecca Greenfield
Google, We Made The Perfect Glass Ad For You Google has a "white men wearing Google Glass" image problem to overcome, which is why it has outfitted a lot of very beautiful female models with Glass for its advertising campaign. mark for My Articles 59 similar articles
Fast Company
Rebecca Greenfield
Google Glass, Now Available With Diane Von Furstenberg Frames In yet another attempt to class up Glass, Google has tapped Diane von Furstenberg to design limited-edition frames. mark for My Articles 32 similar articles
Fast Company
Jen Vilaga
Palmer Luckey When Facebook bought virtual-reality company Oculus VR in March for a head-spinning $2 billion, some people were confused. Palmer Luckey explains how he came up with his game-changing creation. mark for My Articles 35 similar articles
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