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Magazine articles on marketing, advertising, and sales.
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Prepared Foods
April 2009
Hitting the Shelves: Kids Learn to 'Smarten Up' To appeal to parents and children alike, several food and beverage products have undergone rebranding efforts to position themselves as educational. mark for My Articles 92 similar articles
May/Jun 2009
Cybele Elaine Werts
Conference Swag, Goodies, Tchotchkes, and Collateral Materials: Marketing Information, Services, and Products Companies exhibiting at SLA invest in giveaways to effectively market their products. Does it work? mark for My Articles 6 similar articles
May 1, 2009
No Questions Asked Few companies have embraced best practices for assessing the effectiveness of their marketing budgets. mark for My Articles 25 similar articles
May 2009
Tim Cavanaugh
Don't Measure Me, Bro Why broadcasters fear accurate audience ratings measured by the new Portable People Meter. mark for My Articles 285 similar articles
April 7, 2009
Burt Helm
Will Targeted TV Ads Justify Higher Fees? Corporate marketers will be watching closely when the first "addressable" ads are aired in June. mark for My Articles 1022 similar articles
May 2009
Matt Thornhill
Tap Into the Boomer Market Baby boomers: 76 million strong and a force to be reckoned with. mark for My Articles 172 similar articles
May 2009
John Jantsch
Referral Offers Your Customers Can't Refuse A great product or service and inviting customer experience is essential to building a steady stream of referrals to your business. mark for My Articles 110 similar articles
May 2009
Barry Farber
Close the Deal With Urgency Urgency is what gets top sellers up in the morning and keeps them fired up all day. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
May 2009
Sara Wilson
Make it Big -- Locally Taking your business far and wide doesn't have to mean crossing state lines or landing national accounts. mark for My Articles
May 2009
Jennifer Wang
Expand Your Customer Base With Coupons Frugality is top of the mind for today's consumers. mark for My Articles 51 similar articles
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