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Magazine articles on conducting business in European countries.
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The Motley Fool
June 22, 2009
Christopher Barker
A Massive Mining Merger on the Table What would a pairing of Swiss miner Xstrata and Anglo American mean? mark for My Articles 154 similar articles
The Motley Fool
June 22, 2009
David Lee Smith
Big Miners Get Support for Joint Venture Rio Tinto completes a wild and wacky week. mark for My Articles 358 similar articles
June 18, 2009
Jack Ewing
The Auto Slump Hits Slovakia Sometimes called Detroit East, the Central European country is struggling to revamp its national business plan. mark for My Articles 29 similar articles Paying For Sex: Cheaper Than Ever Europe's largest legalized prostitution industry is having to adapt to the economic downturn. Customers are fewer or more frugal, competition has increased, and more clubs and brothels are offering discounts to drum up business. mark for My Articles 10 similar articles
June 1, 2009
Charlie Feld
How the United Kingdom Delivers Customer-Centric Government Services A modern network and integrated databases make it easier for citizens in the United Kingdom to get social services. Our columnist talks to U.K. Department for Work and Pensions IT Director General and CIO Joe Harley. mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
Finance & Development
June 2009
Marek Belka
Europe Under Stress The global economic crisis is testing the cohesion of the European Union mark for My Articles 685 similar articles
Finance & Development
June 2009
Berglof et al.
A Tale of Two Crises Russia is still a resource-dependent economy that must diversify in a market-friendly way mark for My Articles 592 similar articles
Finance & Development
June 2009
Barry Eichengreen
Viewpoint: Stress Test for the Euro Countries tempted to abandon the European currency face formidable barriers. mark for My Articles 413 similar articles
Finance & Development
June 2009
Charles Wyplosz
Viewpoint: The Euro's Finest Hour? The euro has proved a safe haven for countries lucky enough to have made it into this exclusive club in time. mark for My Articles 517 similar articles
June 11, 2009
Stuart J. Johnston
Microsoft to Ship Windows 7 in Europe Without IE In a move aimed at heading off further punitive action by the European Commission, Microsoft has confirmed that it will distribute Windows 7 without Internet Explorer within European Union countries. mark for My Articles 170 similar articles
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