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Magazine articles on entrepreneurship and products and services aimed at small businesses.
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HBS Working Knowledge
April 28, 2011
While Waiting for Japan's Recovery, Let's Enhance Supplier Competitiveness at Home To help small businesses grow, innovate, and add jobs, big companies can expand the search for high-potential small companies; provide training and mentoring to help those companies qualify as preferred suppliers or distributors. mark for My Articles 108 similar articles
Fast Company
May 1, 2011
Christina Chaey
Brave New Co-working World The rent-a-desk movement matures. Coworking offices have evolved into mini networks themselves, where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small-business owners can travel from space to space and build projects as soon as they sketch them. mark for My Articles 9 similar articles
Fast Company
May 1, 2011
Ellen McGirt
A Former Facebooker Forges a New Path (App) Dave Morin decided to launch a new, more personal network. Compared to the full-court networking press of LinkedIn or the information cacophony of Twitter, Path looks and feels like a digital whisper shared between actual friends. mark for My Articles 9 similar articles
April 15, 2011
Mobile Commerce Twitter Chat - Week in Preview Podcast, April 18, 2011 Small Business Computing is hosting a twitter chat event with industry experts in mobile commerce this week. mark for My Articles 92 similar articles
Jon Skindzier
Best Places To Start A Business In 2011 In the wake of the financial crisis, the economic geography of the U.S. is evolving. Some cities have had to reinvent themselves to survive, while others have seized the opportunity to establish themselves in new fields based on decades-long revitalizations. mark for My Articles 58 similar articles
National Defense
May 2011
Sandra I. Erwin
Small Businesses: Showered With Praise, But Not Shown Much Love While Pentagon higher-ups and politicians shower praise on small businesses, in the muddy trenches of government contracting, it can be ugly. According to industry accounts, the entire procurement process is a path strewn with obstacles. mark for My Articles 155 similar articles
HBS Working Knowledge
March 31, 2011
Dennis Fisher
From SpinPop to SpinBrush: Entrepreneurial Lessons from John Osher The meandering and seemingly random path that Osher, inventor of the SpinBrush toothbrush, took in his career and the lessons it holds for other executives and entrepreneurs looking to succeed in today's difficult economic climate. mark for My Articles 8 similar articles
Search Engine Watch
March 18, 2011
Rob Chant
How Small Businesses Can Get a Link from Wikipedia If you want a link from Wikipedia, it will be a hard process. Here's a four-step strategy that will potentially get you that link. mark for My Articles 185 similar articles
March 17, 2011
Thor Olavsrud
Dell Debuts Vostro Small Business Laptop Series Dell's latest Vostro laptops series focuses on small business collaboration. Plus, the company announced a new Vostro desktop. mark for My Articles 561 similar articles
Search Engine Watch
March 17, 2011
Justilien Gaspard
Link Building Tips for Small Businesses These tips can help you grow your backlinks and customer base at the same time. mark for My Articles 141 similar articles
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