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Magazine articles on stereos and audio devices.
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Home Theater
December 27, 2001
Outlaw Audio Cuts Price on Model 1050 Durham, NH-based Outlaw Audio has slashed the price of its popular model 1050 home theater receiver by $100. Introduced last year, the 6 x 65-watt, multi-format unit originally sold for $599, and won plenty of critical praise... mark for My Articles 130 similar articles
Home Theater
December 27, 2001
B&K AVR307: Connoisseur's HT Receiver Rarely do integrated components perform as well as separates for an equivalent amount of money. The AVR307, from Buffalo, NY-based B&K, is an exception... mark for My Articles 122 similar articles
Home Theater
December 26, 2001
Atlantic Technology's Deep Bass Problem Solver Atlantic Technology's THX-Ultra certified subwoofer is designed to go in the wall, leaving floor space open. It's also designed to deliver big bass -- without a big box... mark for My Articles 387 similar articles
Home Theater
December 18, 2001
B&W Sub Ideal for Small Rooms Is your video system installed in a small room? If so, you've probably wrestled with the problem of generating great bass without crowding yourself out. B&W has an answer for you: the AS1 powered subwoofer... mark for My Articles 115 similar articles
Home Theater
December 8, 2001
Rotel Preamp/Processor Does it All Many home theater enthusiasts prefer separate components rather than all-in-one receivers. Rotel's RSP-985 is designed with this market in mind... mark for My Articles 114 similar articles
PC World
January 2002
Eric Dahl
Powerful PC Speaker Set The THX-certified Z-560 speaker set from Logitech offers impressive sound for a reasonable price... mark for My Articles 129 similar articles
Home Theater
November 18, 2001
Aragon Home Theater Amps: THX Ultra-approved Just a few months after officially becoming part of legendary audio manufacturer Klipsch Audio Technologies, Mondial Designs has produced several new Aragon-brand amplifiers and one new preamp/processor---all of them THX Ultra certification... mark for My Articles 28 similar articles
Home Theater
December 2001
Kevin Hunt
Earthquake Sound SuperNova MKIV-12P Subwoofer The SuperNova MKIV-12P is a big-lipped powerhouse of a subwoofer that pretends to be nothing other than that... mark for My Articles 169 similar articles
Home Theater
November 23, 2001
Xantech Amps: Multi-zone Solution Xantech Corporation has introduced a series of amplifiers purpose-built for multi-zone applications... mark for My Articles 28 similar articles
Home Theater
November 22, 2001
Heavy Metal: Boston Acoustics System 9000II Bundled speaker systems are great solutions for folks just getting into home theater or looking to put together a secondary system in a small room. Boston Acoustics has just this market in mind with its new System 9000II, a five-channel-plus-subwoofer package for $1000... mark for My Articles 529 similar articles
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