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Magazine articles on desktop computers and terminals.
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PC World
December 2000
Sean Captain
800-MHz Budget PCs: A Look Beyond Processor Power After looking at two shipping models of these sub-$1200 systems, the GatewayEssential 866 and the PolywellPoly 830KX, I found that I'd get more for my money by focusing less on the PC's processor and more on its monitor, graphics card, sound system, and memory... mark for My Articles 620 similar articles
November 8, 2000
Karin Eldor
The Coolest Computers On The Market Computers are more than boxes of memory, word processing, and data storage than they let off; these "boxes" have become extensions of us, and are as much a part of the way we present ourselves as our car, clothes and hairstyle... mark for My Articles 135 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
November 2000
Apollo 815EA desktop Premio Computer, Inc., a manufacturer of PC desktops, workstations and servers, announces the Apollo 815EA desktop, which incorporates the latest Intel 815E Chipset. The new high-speed, high-performance workstations support Intel Pentium III Processors 550 to 933 MHz and 1 GHz... mark for My Articles 257 similar articles
Linux Journal
Don Marti
AMD's Duron Processor A $70 CPU may be all that you need for responsive word processing, photo editing, and coding. We take a first look at AMD's Duron, an excellent choice for midrange desktop Linux machines... mark for My Articles 550 similar articles
October 18, 2000
Andrew Comech
The Cheap Linux Box How to build a cheap reliable x86 box suitable for Linux... mark for My Articles 390 similar articles
PC World
October 2000
Stan Miastkowski
Upgrade Guide Install RAM modules step by step... mark for My Articles 146 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
October 2000
IBM PC 300 From IBM, the small and affordable PC 300 is designed for a broad range of applications, with four models specifically configured for K-12 education customers... mark for My Articles 265 similar articles
PC World
October 1, 2000
Dan Littman
Slim and Sexy New-wave PCs and Net appliances look great and won't bust your budget. But our hands-on tests show whether they can really take the heat. mark for My Articles 165 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
September 2000
Sun Microcomputer Systems Unlike desktop computers that require an operating system and applications running locally on the desktop, the low-cost Sun Ray systems' thin client-style configuration allows users instant access to multimedia, applications and information resources from anywhere on the network mark for My Articles 202 similar articles
PC World
September 1, 2000
Stan Miastkowski & Kirk Steers
Build Your Dream Machine Three step-by-step projects to transform your sluggish PC into a desktop powerhouse. mark for My Articles 630 similar articles
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