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Magazine articles on Linux.
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Linux Journal
December 2000
Glen Otero
Book Review Building Linux Clusters by David H. M. Spector mark for My Articles 376 similar articles
September 7, 1999
Andrew Leonard
Linux laptop lust Laptop hardware is an unconquered frontier for Linux -- a place where the cutting edge sometimes slices free software to shreds... mark for My Articles 1239 similar articles
October 23, 2000
Unix Downunder The future for Freeware is just looking positive. A lot of major vendors are now supporting Linux, such as IBM and Dell - the latter being a strong point because originally it only sold Microsoft operating systems... mark for My Articles 556 similar articles
Linux Journal
Don Marti
AMD's Duron Processor A $70 CPU may be all that you need for responsive word processing, photo editing, and coding. We take a first look at AMD's Duron, an excellent choice for midrange desktop Linux machines... mark for My Articles 550 similar articles
Linux Journal
Heather Mead
2000 Readers' Choice Awards Roll out the red carpet, it's time to announce the winners of the 2000 Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards. After another explosive year, the hype and trendiness have cleared to reveal (as we knew it would) that Linux is a serious contender in almost every market... mark for My Articles 214 similar articles
Linux Journal
W.G. Krebs
Gnu Queue: Linux Clustering Made Easy GNU Queue makes it easy to cluster Linux workstations. If you already know how to control jobs running on your local machine, you already know how to control remote jobs using GNU Queue. You don't even need special privileges to install and run GNU Queue on your cluster.... mark for My Articles 35 similar articles
Linux Journal
Rick Lehrbaum
Embedded Systems News Embedded Linux at LinuxWorld--What a Difference a Year Makes! mark for My Articles 1263 similar articles
October 18, 2000
Andrew Comech
The Cheap Linux Box How to build a cheap reliable x86 box suitable for Linux... mark for My Articles 390 similar articles
November 2000
Stephan Somogyi
SuSE Linux 6.4 If you're looking for a Linux to install on your Mac, SuSE is the first big name in the Linux world to release a distribution for PowerPC-based machines... mark for My Articles 1545 similar articles
October 9, 2000
Sniping at OpenBSD Last week several vulnerabilities with OpenBSD were announced on the full disclosure list Bugtraq. That a hole was found and exploited is not an amazing thing. The amazing and impressive thing is how long OpenBSD had gone without a local root exploit... mark for My Articles 11 similar articles
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