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Magazine articles on Linux.
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Linux Journal
July 1, 2003
Josh Rabinowitz
How to Index Anything You probably have search on your web site, but how about a search engine for the man pages on your system or even your mail? Try this simple indexing package. mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
April 23, 2003
Linux Promoter Red Hat Remains Upbeat in a Downbeat Industry Michael Tiemann, chief technical officer of Red Hat, used the 2003 Wharton Technology Conference as a chance to crow. In his keynote speech, he boasted that Red Hat is the "first successful, publicly traded open-source company." mark for My Articles 317 similar articles
Linux Journal
March 18, 2003
Hans-Cees Speel
Exchange Functionality for Linux Bynari InsightServer is here already, and Kroupware is coming up. mark for My Articles 433 similar articles
Linux Journal
April 1, 2003
Brett Schwarz
Hacking Red Hat Kickstart How to create a single CD for fast and easy customized installation. mark for My Articles 104 similar articles
Linux Journal
March 1, 2003
Brad Hards
Kernel Korner: Using the Input Subsystem, Part II This article focuses on the various ioctl capabilities of the event interface, in addition to the normal read and write calls. mark for My Articles 20 similar articles
Linux Journal
February 1, 2003
Doc Searls
Cruising the Carribean If you weren't on the boat, here's what happened on Linux Lunacy II. mark for My Articles 154 similar articles
Linux Journal
January 15, 2003
Steve Neuner
Scaling Linux to New Heights: the SGI Altix 3000 System With 64 processors and 512GB of memory, SGI claims the title of world's most powerful Linux system. mark for My Articles 927 similar articles
January 14, 2003
IBM, AMD Become Part of UnitedLinux UnitedLinux turns to IBM and AMD not only for support but also for input into future versions. mark for My Articles 11 similar articles
Linux Journal
February 1, 2003
Michael Surran
Linux from Kindergarten to High School Moving the school computer lab to Linux was not an easy decision to make -- but it was a beneficial one. mark for My Articles 1514 similar articles
Linux Journal
February 1, 2003
Doc Searls
Linux for Suits: Caring Less If Linus cared more about what happens outside the kernel, it might be a less useful operating system. mark for My Articles 1098 similar articles
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