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Magazine articles on Macintosh computers and software.
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August 11, 2005
Ben Long
Adesso CyberTablet 8600 Are you one of those Photoshop users who still hasn't replaced their mouse with a pressure-sensitive tablet and pen? Then maybe it's time you consider Adesso's CyberTablet 8600. mark for My Articles 190 similar articles
PC World
September 2005
Eric Dahl
The Truth About Windows Alternatives Can an annoyed Windows user find happiness in a multiplatform environment? Our editor tried the Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and Linux Xandros OS 3 Deluxe -- and came away impressed. mark for My Articles 1441 similar articles
August 5, 2005
Jennifer Berger
Apple Mighty Mouse Apple's new Mighty Mouse is nice looking, has some innovations (like an omnidirectional scroll ball), and it's a good product overall. But it just may not be worth $49 to many Mac users. mark for My Articles 603 similar articles
October 2005
Ben Long
SmartDisk FotoChute The FotoChute provides 20GB of compact storage so that you'll no longer run out of storage for your photos while you are in the field. It is compatible with Mac and PC computers. mark for My Articles 377 similar articles
July 29, 2005
Lee Sherman
Finale Songwriter 1.0 MakeMusic's Finale Songwriter 1.0 provides entry-level composers with the tools they need to produce a final printed score -- a clear choice over pen and paper. mark for My Articles 11 similar articles
July 28, 2005
Jay J. Nelson
Sharpener Pro 2.0 Photoshop plug-in provides professional image sharpening from all angles. mark for My Articles 53 similar articles
July 27, 2005
Jackie Dove
FlashTrax XT The most exciting new feature of Smartdisk's improved FlashTrax XT is its ability to record both audio and video and to let you listen to and record FM radio to its hard drive. mark for My Articles 6 similar articles
July 26, 2005
David Needle
Apple Powers up Pair The iBook and Mac Mini get an overhaul. mark for My Articles 1058 similar articles
July 26, 2005
Charles Seiter
Mathematica CalcCenter 3 CalcCenter 3 for students and novices costs less than a typical math textbook, but it actually does all the problems for you. Even old-time Mathematica users will find it convenient for quick work on smaller problems. mark for My Articles 30 similar articles
July 22, 2005
James Galbraith
HP Photosmart 8750 The HP Photosmart 8750 is a good, large format desktop photo printer and a good choice for the advanced hobbyist looking to make larger prints at home. But professional photographers might be better off looking elsewhere. mark for My Articles 908 similar articles
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