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Magazine articles on network hardware, security, and management.
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July 1, 2002
Sarah D. Scalet
Cheap, Cool and Dangerous A grassroots wireless LAN movement is rolling onto the networks of unsuspecting CIOs. It might already be too late to stop its spread, but it's not too late to make it secure. mark for My Articles 102 similar articles
PC World
June 26, 2002
Dan Neel
IBM Helps Small Businesses Go Mobile Big Blue introduces four starter kits featuring the hardware and software small companies need to go wireless. mark for My Articles 182 similar articles
PC World
July 2002
Stephen Manes
Networking -- You Still Need a Geek Maybe networks should come bundled with a phalanx of experts. If you want to network your home -- and increasingly, you do -- throw a networking party and invite every computer geek you know. mark for My Articles 21 similar articles
May 15, 2002
Sarah Johnson
Big Network on Campus Easing roommate friction, Howard University's 14 dorms recently underwent a technology overhaul; now each resident has a separate telephone line and voice mail, 50-channel cable connection, and wireless link to the Internet and Howard's network... mark for My Articles 44 similar articles
Bio-IT World
May 7, 2002
Salvatore Salamone
Networks Are Ever-Evolving Beasts The explosion of data created by life science companies requires novel networking architectures. mark for My Articles 196 similar articles
PC World
April 16, 2002
Peter Sayer
U.S. Robotics Doubles Wi-Fi Speeds Wireless LAN products hit 22 mbps, retain backward compatibility with other 802.11b devices... mark for My Articles 108 similar articles
New Architect
May 2002
Logan G. Harbaugh
SSL Accelerators To increase a Web site's ability to handle SSL transactions, as well as to reduce processor overhead, it makes sense to offload SSL processing from the server to dedicated hardware... mark for My Articles 67 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
April 2002
Wireless Networking Enhances Educational Opportunities at Alexandria Technical College Maintaining a wired network for approximately 1,800 computers is a challenge in itself. Compounding the difficulty of the situation, Alexandria Technical College is composed of several buildings on 90 acres, and its students are demanding users of computer networks... mark for My Articles 94 similar articles
April 1, 2002
Anne Stuart
Inside Story The Internet promised to drastically change your business. Now state-of-the-art small-company intranets are actually delivering on that promise... mark for My Articles 16 similar articles
March 15, 2002
Danielle Dunne
Secure Your Wireless Network Here are a few ways to make a wireless LAN more secure... mark for My Articles 88 similar articles
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