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Magazine articles on personal digital assistants, telecommunications devices, and other handheld and wearable electronic devices.
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PC Magazine
June 5, 2007
Craig Ellison
Mio DigiWalker C520 Mio's latest widescreen, feature-packed GPS, the DigiWalker C520, is thin and stylish and offers a lot of bang for the buck. mark for My Articles 115 similar articles
July 23, 2007
Crockett & Edwards
Making The iPhone Mean Business Major companies demand high levels of security in the tools they support. To make the iPhone corporate-ready, Apple needs to do a deal with a service provider or come up with a homegrown solution. mark for My Articles 1519 similar articles
PC Magazine
June 6, 2007
Jim Louderback
Apple's iPhone Will Fly . . . Then Flounder Lance is dead wrong. Once the initial fever wears off, U.S. sales will disappoint. mark for My Articles 1345 similar articles
PC Magazine
June 6, 2007
Lance Ulanoff
iPhone to Flop...Then Fly Hold on to your hats, because Apple and its iPhone are about to endure a bumpy ride. mark for My Articles 2067 similar articles
PC Magazine
July 11, 2007
How to Beat Mobile Maladies Tips for curing and preventing common gadget afflictions. mark for My Articles 20 similar articles
PC Magazine
July 10, 2007
Sascha Segan
Can Mid-Sized Portable Devices Replace Laptops? Larger than a smartphone but smaller than a laptop, the middle thing needs to reduce the number of things you carry with you, not add to them. How do you do that? mark for My Articles 454 similar articles
July 6, 2007
Stuart J. Johnston
The iPhone's 'Wow Factor' Is For Real First look impressions: Despite some shortcomings, the iPhone looks like a winner. mark for My Articles 692 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
June 29, 2007
Nick Mokey
Top 4 Favorite Geeks on the iPhone Line At Apple's flagship store in New York City, the same five questions got some pretty funny answers. mark for My Articles 611 similar articles
July 2, 2007
Needle & Derex
iPhone Users Connect - For The Most Part The wildly hyped iPhone launch came off with plenty of hiccups but for the most part seems to have delivered the goods. mark for My Articles 908 similar articles
July 2, 2007
Jason Snell
Apple iPhone Groundbreaking wireless communicator really lives up to the hype. mark for My Articles 1384 similar articles
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