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Magazine articles on personal digital assistants, telecommunications devices, and other handheld and wearable electronic devices.
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PC Magazine
April 10, 2008
Craig Ellison
Mio Moov 200 The Mio Moov 200 will get you where you're going for less than $200. mark for My Articles 24 similar articles
PC Magazine
April 9, 2008
Sascha Segan
Motorola MOTO Z9 (AT&T) The Motorola Z9 adds GPS and Video Share to the already excellent RAZR2 V9. mark for My Articles 132 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
April 9, 2008
Barbara S. Peterson
Why U.S. Airlines Still Won't Join the Mobile Mile-High Club Airline passengers abroad could soon find themselves sitting in chatter class. In the past two weeks, regulatory authorities and individual airlines in Europe have taken steps to allow in-flight cellphone use -- not that you'll be able to phone home while flying over the United States anytime soon. mark for My Articles 400 similar articles
April 3, 2008
Andy Patrizio
Survey Finds iPhone Users Don't Talk Very Much A report that shows that talking doesn't constitute the majority of iPhone users time. mark for My Articles 1505 similar articles
April 2, 2008
iPhone Shortage: Supply Woes or New Model? Analyst says iPhones are getting scarce, but Apple says there is plenty of supply. mark for My Articles 1546 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
April 2, 2008
Matt Buchanan
iPhone Wannabes Still Can't Find Next Mobile Movement at CTIA: Guest Analysis Despite next-gen networks and haptics tech continuing to break on through to the realistic side, the year's big cellphone trade show disappointed many because, well, the iPhone's still just too good. mark for My Articles 1265 similar articles Mac-Friendly Cell Phones These phones can by synced with OS X applications, especially if you know how to use third-party syncing plug-ins and applications. mark for My Articles 1879 similar articles
March 24, 2008
Lucas Graves
These Gizmos Connect to the Net, But You'd Never Know It. Devices such as the Treo, the Wii, the IPhone, and the Kindle take a new approach to incorporating the internet. Selective applications in each one are discussed. mark for My Articles 430 similar articles
James Matheson
Ermenegildo Zegna iFleece We love the design of Ermenegildo Zegna's iPod accessory clothing, particularly the iFleece zip-up sweater. mark for My Articles 18 similar articles
PC Magazine
March 25, 2008
Lance Ulanoff
Good-Bye Desktop PC, Hello iPhone The Apple iPhone SDK marks the beginning of the end for the venerable deskbound PC. mark for My Articles 987 similar articles
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