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Magazine articles on personal digital assistants, telecommunications devices, and other handheld and wearable electronic devices.
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March 23, 2009
Erin Biba
Mobile Music: Band Geeks Play iPhones, Not Instruments Once upon a time, orchestras required instruments. Then computers reproduced the sounds of symphonies. Now, band geeks are playing iPhones. mark for My Articles 132 similar articles
April 2009
Lindsay Holloway
BlackBerry Creates a Storm It's got a new touchscreen and a few kinks, but the Storm has people excited. mark for My Articles 342 similar articles
March 19, 2009
Michelle Megna
Google Aids Sony in Fight Against Amazon Kindle Google opens its digital library to Sony's e-reader, but the digital book battle with Amazon is just beginning as both companies chase the sweet spot - the commercial book market. mark for My Articles 1033 similar articles
PC Magazine
March 19, 2009
HTC Touch Pro (Sprint) Hot on the heels of AT&T's HTC Fuze, Sprint has busted out its own version, the Touch Pro, a virtual clone of the Fuze but with a few new pluses... Nokia 5800 XpressMusic... Samsung Omnia SCH-i910... T-Mobile G1.0... etc. mark for My Articles 709 similar articles
PC Magazine
March 19, 2009
John C. Dvorak
What Today's Smartphone Needs This should be the last year of the economic downturn, which has resulted in nothing good for the computer user except for machines that are cheaper than ever, lots of free programs, and the blossoming of a new platform. mark for My Articles 118 similar articles
The Motley Fool
March 17, 2009
Anders Bylund
When Android Met iPhone This supposed tech rivalry is actually true love at first sight. mark for My Articles 2105 similar articles
PC Magazine
March 16, 2009
Sascha Segan
Motorola i335 (Boost Mobile) The simple, sharp-sounding Motorola i355 phone is a perfect companion for Boost Mobile's new $50 unlimited calling plan. mark for My Articles 232 similar articles
PC Magazine
March 13, 2009
Zach Honig
Verizon Hub The Verizon Hub can add a multi-featured home phone system to your Verizon Wireless account, but you'll pay a lot for what you get. mark for My Articles 221 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
March 13, 2009
Erica Westly
Citizen Science: How Smartphones Can Aid Scientific Research When combined with a GPS signal and a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, mobile phones can gather data, organize it and send it to a server to be analyzed. mark for My Articles 57 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
March 13, 2009
Seth Porges
Can an iPhone Replace Your Tools? PM Lab Test Thanks to the iPhone's built-in accelerometer, the App Store has a whole crop of programs aimed at simulated household tools. Here are four programs that are meant to replace measuring and leveling tools. mark for My Articles 212 similar articles
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