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Magazine articles on open source efforts such as Linux and GNU.
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Bio-IT World
December 15, 2003
Henry & Vertinsky
The Hidden Costs of 'Free' Software Open-source software may be gaining ground in academic and government circles, but biotech users need to be aware of licensing pitfalls. mark for My Articles 333 similar articles
Linux Journal
January 1, 2004
Tony Steidler-Dennison
Linux, Talon and Astronomy A new open-source application lets professional and amateur astronomers explore space from their desktops. mark for My Articles 38 similar articles
Linux Journal
December 1, 2003
Shawn Garbett
Cross-Platform CD Index CD-ROM content now has a search engine that can run in any browser, straight from static index files. mark for My Articles 108 similar articles
November 1, 2003
Art Jahnke
Is Microsoft Less Expensive Than Linux? - Sound Off Microsoft is concerned that Linux's popularity is increasing. Readers debate the expense issue of open source versus Redmond. mark for My Articles 1454 similar articles
November 2003
Thomas Goetz
Open Source Everywhere Software is just the beginning ... open source is doing for mass innovation what the assembly line did for mass production. Get ready for the era when collaboration replaces the corporation. mark for My Articles 66 similar articles
November 2003
Gary Rivlin
Leader of the Free World How Linus Torvalds became benevolent dictator of Planet Linux, the biggest collaborative project in history. mark for My Articles 743 similar articles
September 15, 2003
Evers & McMillan
A Kinder, Gentler Fight Talk on the campaign trail can get pretty rough, especially when the debate pits open source against Microsoft software. But now, Microsoft says, the gloves are back on, though the company has pledged to take the invective out of its talking points about Linux and open-source software. mark for My Articles 802 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
September 2003
Michael Surran
Making the Switch to Open Source Software While it has been a bumpy road, our switch to open source software has shown itself to be the perfect solution to a problem that more and more school systems find themselves facing. mark for My Articles 811 similar articles
August 13, 2003
Open Source: Closing, Closing... It might look like the battle of David and Goliath, but in the case of the SCO Group vs. IBM, not too many people are rooting for David. mark for My Articles 1669 similar articles
Information Today
August 4, 2003
Sheri R. Lanza
AOL Pledges $2 Million to Mozilla Foundation America Online announced its pledge of $2 million to the Mozilla Foundation, a new, independent, nonprofit organization that will continue to promote the development of the Mozilla Web browser. This announcement created quite a stir within the Internet community and heralded a change in the browser landscape. mark for My Articles 673 similar articles
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