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Magazine articles on college and university education, administration, programs, and trends.
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November 19, 2002
Glenn Sacks
Why Males Don't Go to College As the percentage of males on our college campuses continues to decline, many observers are finally beginning to ask questions. Part of the reason it is difficult and unpleasant to be a male college student today is that anti-male bigotry pops up all the time. mark for My Articles 60 similar articles
November 1, 2002
Emily Barker
Universities: Your New Best Friend For resource-hungry entrepreneurs, the explosion of university-based business-development programs comes as sweet relief in tight economic times. From Ann Arbor to Chapel Hill, find out what's out there for you -- and why colleges are in such a giving mood. mark for My Articles 230 similar articles
November 2002
Charles Paul Freund
Tipper Tape Swatting a student gadfly at American University mark for My Articles 1 similar article
T.H.E. Journal
October 2002
Brawner et al.
Partnerships Increase Access to Engineering Education: North Carolina's Two+Two Experience There are a number of benefits to this distance education model as it currently exists. Foremost, people from around the state are provided with increased access to engineering education. mark for My Articles 467 similar articles
Sports Illustrated
October 1, 2002
America's Best Sports Colleges Sports Illustrated combined a variety of factors in arriving at its 2002 rankings of Division I schools mark for My Articles 317 similar articles
Sports Illustrated
October 1, 2002
They've come a long way In the Oct. 7 issue of Sports Illustrated, the magazine ranks all 324 Division I athletic departments based on a number of factors. SI's top schools once were far from athletic powerhouses. mark for My Articles 123 similar articles
Trusts & Estates
September 30, 2002
Susan Hansen
Beware the 529 Hype At least two things are certain about the new 529 college savings plans: The financial services industry loves them, and they're generating all kinds of media buzz. But despite all the hype, 529s probably are not a magic new wealth-transfer mechanism. mark for My Articles 220 similar articles
Sports Illustrated
September 25, 2002
Frank Deford
Father Football Notre Dame feels the pull between pigskin and academics. mark for My Articles 265 similar articles
October 2002
Josh McHugh
Unplugged U. The author joins the wireless revolution at Dartmouth, where today's campus life is the prototype of tomorrow's network society. mark for My Articles 21 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
September 2002
Steve Burrell
The New Digital Campus Plymouth State College's solution to the build vs. buy portal debate mark for My Articles 146 similar articles
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