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Magazine articles on college and university education, administration, programs, and trends.
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T.H.E. Journal
March 2001
Cornell University Employs New Digital Tech. Customized, on-demand publishing of course packs and other scholarly materials has been more theory than reality for most institutions. Until now, it has been difficult to achieve the quality demanded by educators, and updating custom-published texts has been difficult and time-consuming... mark for My Articles 40 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
March 2001
Jessica DeCerce
Students and Faculty on Same Wavelength at SUNY Morrisville In a time of changing technology, the administration at SUNY Morrisville asked itself how it could create a more interactive learning environment that would better prepare students for the workforce... mark for My Articles 162 similar articles
February 26, 2001
Ash Karbasfrooshan
Do You Need A Degree To Succeed? Do we really need to institutionalize ourselves into a classroom and complete a degree? Great question with a not so obvious answer... mark for My Articles 44 similar articles
February 22, 2001
Amy Benfer
After the SAT As the University of California considers dropping the test, admissions directors of two colleges talk about what happened after they made it optional... mark for My Articles 230 similar articles
February 7, 2001
Dawn MacKeen
Prof. Al's shaky debut In his first day teaching at Columbia, the former vice president starts out nervous -- but relaxes enough to critique the media... mark for My Articles 95 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
February 2001
Melinda G. Cerny & Jesse M. Heines
Evaluating Distance Education Across Twelve Time Zones On the evening of September 9, 1999, the Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA) launched the first of nine new, highly collaborative engineering subjects for the fall semester. By the end of the first year, 17 new subjects would be offered to the first class of SMA students... mark for My Articles 180 similar articles
February 1, 2001
Angela Genusa
Rx For Learning - Tufts University A university's knowledge management system is transforming medical education... mark for My Articles 85 similar articles
Sports Illustrated
January 17, 2001
Frank Deford
Our college samurai A privileged athletic class is caustic to college life... mark for My Articles 158 similar articles
January 2001
Gregory Crane
Commercial Digital Libraries and the Academic Community How New Firms Might Develop New Relationships between "Publisher" and Higher Education... mark for My Articles 820 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
January 2001
A Vice President Learns an Online Lesson Agnes Armao, the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Atlantic Cape Community College in New Jersey, found herself in a unique situation during the spring of 2000 when she became a student teacher in an online class, taught by Junior English Professor Denise Coulter... mark for My Articles 172 similar articles
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