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October 6, 2009
Wendy McElroy
Ayn Rand explodes in the media The current Cato Book Forum features The Life and Impact of Ayn Rand by focusing on two new books being issued this month on Rand mark for My Articles 36 similar articles
HBS Working Knowledge
October 5, 2009
Sean Silverthorne
The Vanguard Corporation In the book Supercorp, Rosabeth Moss Kanter lays out a model for 21st-century companies and their leaders that care as much about about creating value for society as they do value for shareholders and employees. mark for My Articles 90 similar articles
October 2009
Bruce Barcott
Good Man Down Jon Krakauer returns with an epic story of sacrifice and betrayal by NFL star Pat Tillman. mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
October 1, 2009
Frederik Balfour
Fixing an Out-of-Whack Global Economy Stephen Roach, who predicted the downturn, says the West and Asia need to trade spending habits. mark for My Articles 56 similar articles
HBS Working Knowledge
October 1, 2009
Jim Heskett
Can the "Masks of Command" Coexist with Authentic Leadership? In a new retrospective of his work titled The Essential Bennis, leadership guru Warren Bennis raises questions about the nature of leadership that are related to some we considered several months ago in this column. mark for My Articles 104 similar articles
October 1, 2009
Philip W. Cook
Abused Men -The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence Second Edition is now Available! The author's book that started a revolution in how we think about and deal with intimate partner violence ten years ago has now been published in a new expanded second edition mark for My Articles 165 similar articles
October 1, 2009
Leigh Buchanan
Business Book Review A review of "Change by Design" by Tim Brown, a book about innovation in service. mark for My Articles 19 similar articles
Financial Planning
October 1, 2009
Paul Menchaca
The Audacity of Help Obama's Economic Plan and the Remaking of America by John F. Wasik examines President Obama's plans to create jobs, expand healthcare, improve environmental protection and rebuild the country's sagging energy infrastructure. mark for My Articles 82 similar articles
The Motley Fool
September 25, 2009
Jennifer Schonberger
Should We Abolish the Federal Reserve? Representative Ron Paul on ending the Federal Reserve. Paul lays out his thesis in his new book, End the Fed. mark for My Articles 381 similar articles
September 24, 2009
Imagine Recording Your Whole Life - Literally Two Microsoft researchers have written a book about how you can record every second of your life and then index it for searching. mark for My Articles 9 similar articles
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