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Magazine articles on fashion, style, and clothing.
Old Articles: <Older 2651-2660 Newer> Simon Spurr Q&A Fashion is completely subjective. It's important to remember that you must take the inspiration you see on the runway and somehow make it your own. mark for My Articles 365 similar articles
Frederic Nguyen
Marvin LOEB Special Edition With a connection to motor racing that goes back to famous Argentinean driver Juan Manuel Fangio, Marvin continues its automotive legacy with a Sebastian Loeb special edition watch. mark for My Articles 21 similar articles
Adam Fox
Panasonic Multi-Flex Shaver Last month, Panasonic launched the Multi-Flex line -- its premier collection of electric razors. mark for My Articles 12 similar articles Luxury Watches With Versatility: Watch Snob Do you have any advice for a luxury watch with versatility enough to be worn both with double-breasted suits and for everyday life? mark for My Articles 270 similar articles
November 7, 2010
Fired up for ethical fashion The real Paloma The Apprentice may have portrayed her as a hard-nosed businesswoman, but there's a lot more to Paloma Vivanco -- including a fashion label, Inacia mark for My Articles 2 similar articles
James Bassil
Breitling Watches Interview Breitling's marketing director, Ben Balmer, discusses the ETA's movement moratorium, the difference between Swiss and Japanese watches and why men love timepieces. mark for My Articles 272 similar articles Dress Watches: The New Classics Building and maintaining a wardrobe on classics demands a timely hit of the refresh button. Here, fashion experts offer advice about dress watches. mark for My Articles 248 similar articles
Simon Kuper
What's Next For Brand Beckham? If the 35-year-old player is fading, Beckham the brand is simply entering a new phase. mark for My Articles 41 similar articles
Sachin Bhola
Body Hair Removal: Sachin On Fashion Did you know that approximately 65% of American men have engaged in some form of body hair removal in the last year? OK, so I made that statistic up, but I can tell you it's a lot. mark for My Articles 172 similar articles
November 4, 2010
Amy Odell
No Country Club for Old Men Prep school favorite Boast returns with the help of two Ivy League devotees. mark for My Articles 10 similar articles
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