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Magazine articles on video and internet based games.
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February 2002
John Kirriemuir
Video Gaming, Education and Digital Learning Technologies: Relevance and Opportunities This article presents an overview of video gaming and discusses how gaming is related and relevant to digital libraries and digital learning technologies. mark for My Articles 452 similar articles
January 27, 2002
Bernie Alexander
Xbox: Taking On The Video Game World If you have been an avid fan of video games since the days of Atari's Space Invaders and Nintendo's Mario Bros., then the new Xbox will surely blow you away... mark for My Articles 619 similar articles
PC World
January 14, 2002
Lincoln Spector
Xbox Sales Success Isn't Without Bumps Online grousing may exaggerate bugs; most give Microsoft good marks for quality, response... mark for My Articles 87 similar articles
PC World
February 2002
Alexandra Krasne
Play Windows Games on Linux PCs Game-friendly version of the Linux OS uses WineX to enable users to play some Windows games... mark for My Articles 628 similar articles
January 2, 2002
Christian Divine
A hardcore elegy for Ion Storm John Romero's game design studio was the most maligned company in the business. But from the inside looking out, it rocked. mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
January 1, 2002
Eric Berkman
First, There Was Pong The history of Pong, the first computer game. mark for My Articles 5 similar articles
December 20, 2001
Scott Rosenberg
Ghost arcade Old video games never die -- they just become collectibles and haunt our dreams. Now classic-game geeks have a coffee-table book of their very own... mark for My Articles 7 similar articles
December 19, 2001
Daniel Drew Turner
Playing games with Apple Mac gamers have long suffered from PC envy. But this year their holiday spirits are unexpectedly up... mark for My Articles 1111 similar articles
December 17, 2001
Steve Mollman
Land of the rising Xbox Nintendo, Sony and Sega have made Japan king of the game console. Can Microsoft make a dent in Nippon? mark for My Articles 667 similar articles
Linux Journal
January 1, 2002
Marcel Gagne
Networking for Pleasure Challenge your old friends, wherever they live, to a game of Risk or Monopoly, across the network, across the world, on your Linux-equipped computers... mark for My Articles 51 similar articles
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