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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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Mother Jones
May/Jun 2000
by Jack Hitt
The Diddly Awards: Honoring Our Do-Nothing Congress The envelope, please. Presenting the First Biennial Diddly Awards, in honor of our Do-Nothing Congress. From Newt on a blanket to Patton in charge, the only loser is democracy.... mark for My Articles
The Family Room
Susan Kawa
Quality Time I just mounted a brass door knocker on my bedroom door - at bellybutton height. It looks ridiculous, but it's one in a series of desperate attempts to carve out some quality time with my husband.... mark for My Articles
The Family Room
Rachel Dickinson
911 I'm informed that they've received eight 911 calls from our phone that morning. "Oh, no. That's not possible," I assure them. "Everything's fine--there must be a glitch with the phone company." "Well ma'am," said the trooper. "The dispatcher heard kids in the background. You got any kids?"... mark for My Articles
The Family Room
Bruce Watson
The Cost of Kids I've always known that children are costly creatures. They'll steal your heart. They'll rob your time. They'll run up an emotional debt as long as your arm. But last week I was shocked by that annual statistic on the cost of parenthood.... mark for My Articles
The Family Room
Pat Heinen
Life is Funny, That's a Fact Nowadays the proper thing to do is explain the facts of life to your kids at an early age. Why should they be treated differently from the way my generation learned?... mark for My Articles
The Family Room
Christina Fuller
Someone Should Have Told Me Before I Got Pregnant mark for My Articles
Sports Illustrated
May 23, 2000
Going for the Jugular An amusing hypothetical interview with Bob Knight not loosing his temper? mark for My Articles
Science News
April 1, 2000
The Incredible Pi Code (note the publication date) mark for My Articles
Fast Company
December 1999
Gina Imperato
Funny Business Poking fun at cyberspace. mark for My Articles
Search Engine Watch
November 1, 1999
More Evil Than Dr. Evil? a post on Memepool back in October noted that if you searched for "more evil than satan himself" on Google, the Microsoft home page was listed first. mark for My Articles
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