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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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Kenneth H. Cleaver
Dear Sundance: These bons mots are for hire With a wardrobe ranging from silk to suede, I'll add cinephiliac savvy to this year's festival... mark for My Articles
December 7, 2000
Cintra Wilson
Buy humbug! Xmas fills the air with dashed hopes and chicken nugget-eating depression. These holiday pranks will keep your misanthropy at bay... mark for My Articles
The Family Room Twas the Night for Assembling mark for My Articles
December 1, 2000
Lynda Barry
Comic: One Hundred Demons Do you believe in magic? Yes or no? mark for My Articles
Kenneth H. Cleaver
Dear Friendly's: Where have all the doilies gone? Ice cream desserts just don't taste the same without that classy decorative touch... mark for My Articles
November 21, 2000
Virginia Vitzthum
Schmuck amok Struggling comedian Jon Rubin takes on the beauty elite with an exhaustive, lifelong program of "approaching" (please don't call it "accosting") models and actresses on the street. mark for My Articles
November 21, 2000
David Tuller
Queer world domination Satire: The corporate consolidation of PlanetOut and is only the beginning of gay merger mania. mark for My Articles
November 20, 2000
Cary Tennis
The God list, pro and con One man enumerates why he believes, and why he doesn't... mark for My Articles
November 17, 2000
Lynda barry
Comic: One Hundred Demons Deep inside the lost and found... mark for My Articles
Charlie Varon & Jim Rosenau
21st Challenge No. 38 Results The secret life of three-letter acronyms... mark for My Articles
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