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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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May 3, 2001
Arianna Huffington
The first 100 days of Al Gore Just what has the other guy been up to? mark for My Articles
May 1, 2001
Janelle Brown & Katharine Mieszkowski
Web etiquette lessons from David Lee Roth The ex-Van Halen frontman sends condolences to his band mate via his Web site. Who's next? mark for My Articles
May 2001
Brian Doherty
Comics Tragedy The superhero's decades-long dominance of the comic book -- and the backlash against that fact -- is a fascinating study in cultural path dependence... mark for My Articles
May 2001
Nick Gillespie
William Marston's Secret Identity The strange private life of Wonder Woman's creator... mark for My Articles
April 30, 2001
Charles Taylor
Cut the flap From the deadly to the dopey, why does the promotional copy on book covers have to be so lame and misleading? mark for My Articles
April 19, 2001
Lance Gould
Georgie Mnemonic A new breakthrough technique to help our numero-uno malapropmeister memorize the monikers of other countries -- "Ice" Cuba, "Killer" Wales, "Wig" Guam and dozens more! mark for My Articles
Fast Company
May 2001
The Spy
That's Showbiz! Dot-com CEO "Survivor" continues... mark for My Articles
April 9, 2001
Rex Doane
Robert Smigel The man who brought you a cross-dressing kangaroo, a necrophiliac lobster and Robert Goulet takes you inside the mind that made "TV Funhouse"... mark for My Articles
April 4, 2001
Susan McCarthy
New team names spell victory! Today the sports moniker game's not about identification, it's about intimidation. Just ask the Raging Drag Queens, the Syphilitic White Missionaries or the Declining Test Scores... mark for My Articles
April 4, 2001
Al Astor
Top 10 new meals coming to McDonald's A good cow is hard to find, but the savvy eatery is on top of things. Think: McKnuckles... mark for My Articles
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