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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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June 22, 2001
Chris Colin
He just reinvented comedy, and boy are his arms tired No but seriously, Mitch Hedberg is the funniest new comedian in the world... mark for My Articles
June 22, 2001
Al Astor
Introducing the Breechclouter! Innovation in the adult undergarment industry has come to a shameful standstill. We intend to change that... mark for My Articles
June 19, 2001
Mary Elizabeth Williams
Mel Brooks The comedy impresario currently steamrolling Broadway owes "Blazing Saddles," fart humor and his dancing Hitler to a red rubber ball... mark for My Articles
June 16, 2001
King Kaufman
The sound of one horse clopping As this interview reveals, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" would've fallen flat without its stomping, snorting supporting cast... mark for My Articles
Fast Company
July 2001
The Spy
NaughtyLite We at specialize in asking the obvious questions -- the ones that everyone else avoids. So we are going on record and asking, "What's with Yahoo!?" mark for My Articles
June 12, 2001
Tom McNichol
President Bush's first-ever trip to Europe We've got some important travel tips, Mr. President, so listen up: Keep plenty of Marlboros handy and don't mention the war... mark for My Articles
June 8, 2001
Bruce Kluger & David Slavin
Your schedule, Mr. President Tuesday: ROAD TRIP!!! to Alaska -- and ix-nay on the Exxon Valdez jokes... mark for My Articles
June 6, 2001
Ian Rothkerch
Frankenly speaking Political comedian Al Franken on the Bush daughters, why conservative pundits are so annoying and Barbra Streisand, rain forest killer... mark for My Articles
June 6, 2001
Lorenzo W. Milam
Jerry Lewis speaks the truth The veteran comedian is in trouble with the militant disabled for using words like "cripple" and "pity." They're wrong; he's right... mark for My Articles
June 4, 2001
Ian Rothkerch
The summer's worst films A special roundup of the big flicks that never quite made it, from "Me So Horny, You So Pretty" to Jerry Bruckheimer's "Ellis Island"... mark for My Articles
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