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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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June 15, 2000
Name that software giant! and are just two of the dozens of weird domain names that Microsoft has registered in recent months. Though Microsoft is fighting Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's decision to split the company in two, might it be preemptively snapping up promising URLs? mark for My Articles
December 21, 1999
Susan McCarthy
Gary Larson He created a world entirely populated by the lumpy, the big-nosed, the bespectacled, the bug-eyed and the foofy-haired. Welcome to "The Far Side." mark for My Articles
Fast Company
July 2000
The Spy
Flee Market A Spy in the House of Work mark for My Articles
June 12, 2000
the Salon Technology staff
Billco and Ballco? Micro and Soft? Now that Judge Jackson has decreed that Microsoft should be split asunder, we're sure the folks in Redmond must be wondering not just about whether they'll win on appeal, but what they'll call themselves if they have to divide in two.... mark for My Articles
January 22, 2000
John Angus Pavlus
Nom de fume Imagine you're in hell and your name is Angus. But that's redundant. mark for My Articles
May 17, 2000
Cintra Wilson
The 49th Annual Miss Universe Pageant The wank parade of inflato-chested international hose bags that won't go away. mark for My Articles
May 6, 2000
Charlie Varon & Jim Rosenau
21st Challenge No. 33 Results "Warning: Exiting womb" and other real-life dialog box alerts. mark for My Articles
February 9, 2000
D.A. Blyler
The 7 vices of highly creative people If you go through life free of bad habits, you won't live forever, but it will feel like it. mark for My Articles
Lynda Barry
Comic: One Hundred Demons My second grade teacher taught me the secret of puppy love. mark for My Articles
Lynda Barry
Comic: One Hundred Demons Today's Demon: Lost Worlds mark for My Articles
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