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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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December 18, 2001
Tom McNichol
Satire: New on DVD: OBL A high-definition version of Osama's "smoking gun" videotape offers extra footage, amusing bloopers and helpful technical information. mark for My Articles
December 17, 2001
King Kaufman
I have sinned: I lied on my resume Like Notre Dame's fired football coach, I've fibbed about my past. Let me set the record straight... mark for My Articles
Fast Company
January 2002
the Spy
Shrinking the Economy Next thing I know, I've joined the bummer parade. I'm sitting in the psychoanalyst's waiting room, staring at my shoes, when the door opens and in walks this sad sack of a figure... mark for My Articles
December 12, 2001
Dennis O'Connell
Top 10 Comic Book Characters The following ten comic book characters are just some of the many that have left their mark on pop culture over the past century... mark for My Articles
December 2001
Charles Oliver
Brickbats Students can pay for their education in star-reading with federal money... Theology interferes in school in Pakistan and the U.S.... Rioting crowd blames immorality for eclipse... etc. mark for My Articles
December 6, 2001
Mike Masnick
I am the broadband Bermuda Triangle Internet service providers beware: I have powers to invoke bankruptcy beyond the ken of mortal man. mark for My Articles
PC World
January 2002
Stephen Manes
2002 -- What Will Not Be Seven astonishing predictions that won't come true anytime soon... mark for My Articles
November 29, 2001
Daniel Mendelsohn
Classical HMO When the heroes of Ancient Greece apply for healthcare reimbursement, the results can be tragic... mark for My Articles
November 12, 2001
John Newton
How to win the war:! He's a venture capitalist of terror -- let's seduce him with a PowerPoint pitch, then squander all his moolah on Super Bowl ads! mark for My Articles
November 7, 2001
Merle Kessler
Bin Laden so long it looks like up to me Exclusive! For men only! A diabolical coded message from the world's archvillain revealed for the first time anywhere! mark for My Articles
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