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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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February 4, 2002
Tom McNichol
Parents for a Taliban-free youth How to tell if your child is a future John Walker Lindh... mark for My Articles
February 2002
Charles Oliver
Brickbats To attract new recruits for the traffic police, British officials planned a TV commercial extolling their good works, blocking traffic off in the process... Arab American causes traffic cop anxiety attack... etc. mark for My Articles
February 2002
Tim Cavanaugh
Rant: Service Economy First-draft suggestions for a real draft proposal... mark for My Articles
January 31, 2002
Jim Ruland
Satire: A book to die for When you're editing Saddam Hussein's new novel, removing a colon can mean the removal of your colon... mark for My Articles
Fast Company
February 2002
Courage for Hire Too anxious from sitting eight hours a day in your cube on the 66th floor to get any work done? The Business Courrogate will dress in your own business casual, and even open your mail -- with wild abandon! Unlimited elevator rides included... mark for My Articles
January 18, 2002
Chris Colin
Drew Barrymore's revisionist history Humorous suggestions for remaking movies in the spirit of Spielberg's retrofitting of "E.T."... mark for My Articles
January 9, 2002
Tom McNichol
Satire: Hope for the professionally unemployed The market is booming for tales of the out-of-work telling their stories to the media... mark for My Articles
January 2002
Charles Oliver
Brickbats Course catalogue prompts racial confusion... Police in Maryland pay informers to have sex with prostitutes... INS loses 61,000 items worth nearly $70 million... etc. mark for My Articles
December 27, 2001
Amy Reiter
Celebrity sex! Meltdowns! Rumors! Paternity battles and more! In Nothing Personal's third annual Readers' Choice Awards, Salon's avid gossip fans make their predictions for 2002. mark for My Articles
January 1, 2002
Joe Ciardiello
How to Greet 2002 Cartoon on New Year's resolutions. mark for My Articles
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