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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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April 25, 2002
Chris Colin
Lost speeches of W. My fellow Americans: Today I made a J-turn in a Camaro and fired many guns! Evildoers, shudder in fear! mark for My Articles
Fast Company
May 2002
The Arthur Anderspin Degree Don't you love the way that what's acceptable in business keeps changing? The laws of celebrity now apply to capitalism, circa 2002: Everything's for sale. Nothing's wrong for long. And every crime is the road to prime time... mark for My Articles
Search Engine Watch
April 2, 2002
Danny Sullivan
Google, Open Directory Get Foolish Another first -- search engines playing April Fool's Jokes. Yesterday, Google posted news of its new PigeonRank technology that employs -- you guessed it -- hundreds of pigeons pecking away to rank web pages... mark for My Articles
Fast Company
April 2002
The Spy
The Blame Game I can't get the question out of my mind: Who is truly to blame for Enron? I can't help feeling that Messrs. Lay, Skilling, and Fastow, as well as the folks at Andersen, have gotten a bum rap... mark for My Articles
March 13, 2002
Jack Boulware
Bill Hicks, the black-humored articulator of doubt One of America's best and darkest comedians is eight years gone, but with a new biography and a new CD, his career shows no signs of stopping... mark for My Articles
March 12, 2002
Carol Lay
Comic: Story Minute One worker at the office appeared to exist in a personality-free zone... mark for My Articles
February 26, 2002
Aran Kadar
Diary of a hospital application reader "My Dead Relative," "My After-School Special," "Boo-Hoo" and other essays that might get you a job after medical school... mark for My Articles
Fast Company
March 2002
The Spy
Lights, Camera, Recovery! Hooray for Hollywood! When America is at war, those big patriotic lugs make America-wins-the-war pics. And now that the economy's struggling to recover -- hey! -- we can count on those same Titans of Tinsel Town to crank up the magic movie machine to make some here-comes-the-boom flicks... mark for My Articles
February 6, 2002
Andrew Leonard
Satire: Ken Lay's un-American activities There is only one force that could be responsible for this man's undermining of the capitalist system... mark for My Articles
February 5, 2002
Carol Lay
Comic: Story Minute Snowed: he was about 14 when he took his first acid trip... mark for My Articles
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