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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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July 18, 2002
Janelle Brown
Reno The Latina lesbian comedian detonates a series of explosive observations about patriotism, the Bush administration and John Walker Lindh. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
August 2002
The Spy
Last Questions I don't have answers, but I do have the deep, imponderable questions that plague the world of business. mark for My Articles
July 11, 2002
Mark Fiore
Department of CorporateLand Security Cartoon on the government's efforts to restore confidence in corporate America! mark for My Articles
PC World
June 27, 2002
Robert Luhn
Top Ten PC Blunders Enjoy these true and mortifying tales about computing disasters. mark for My Articles
July 2002
Peter Bagge
Cartoon Ex-pats say the darndest things. mark for My Articles
July 2002
Jesse Walker
Doonesburied The decline of Garry Trudeau -- and of baby boom liberalism. mark for My Articles
June 28, 2002
Kevin Baker
My First Monumental Reference Book Pestilently fecund children's publishing synergies have spawned a squirming, mewling, instinctively sucking, obliviously pooping litter of new celebrities. Awww. Aren't they sweet! mark for My Articles
June 27, 2002
Douglas Cruickshank
Satire: Martha Stewart's tips for gracious big-house living Writing from her exciting new institutional home, Martha gives "how to serve" a whole new meaning. mark for My Articles
Sports Illustrated
June 25, 2002
Rick Reilly
Wishful Thinking A list of highly improbable things sports fans would like to see before we die. mark for My Articles
June 21, 2002
Jennifer Foote Sweeney
Satire: (Broken) Vows When she first began to contemplate divorce, Darcy Sowecki kept her plans to herself, much as she did three years ago when she boldly set her sights on diminutive cough-drop heir Barton Winston Biggs II. mark for My Articles
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