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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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Kevin Gibson
Weird Things You Can Find On eBay Brett Favre's house... A Russian military patrol boat... Toenails... Ghost in a jar... An air guitar... And some things just too odd or disgusting to mention... mark for My Articles
January 10, 2005
Comic Relief Log onto a website where you can create your own comic. All you have to do is write your story. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
January 2005
Ryan Underwood
Office Handbook You can get sick, but only on your time. A humorous list of office policies. mark for My Articles
December 16, 2004
DailyCandy Lexicon X When it comes to holiday wordplay, people have had to be content with some pretty mediocre stuff. Thus, this attempt to raise the bar. mark for My Articles
Home Theater
December 13, 2004
Latest Software Reviews Funny Ladies is a four-DVD set featuring some of the best female comediennes in the business... Eddie Murphy left out one minor detail when filming Raw: He forgot to be funny... etc. mark for My Articles
Registered Rep.
December 1, 2004
Christie Matheson
Subtext City The throwaway terms that management teams, analysts and investment bankers use in lieu of hard facts and real data to describe corporate strategy, outcomes and financials may not mean what you think they do. Here are some funny examples. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
December 2004
Ryan Underwood
Office Handbook A humorous guide to the rules on holiday festivities. mark for My Articles
November 12, 2004
DailyCandy Lexicon IX A special edition dedicated to carat danglers, doggerels, and all the special people in our lives. mark for My Articles
November 2004
Nadine Heintz
How I Did It With Caroline Hirsch From Jerry Seinfeld to Jay Leno, scores of standup comics have cut their teeth on the stage that Caroline Hirsch built. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
November 2004
Ryan Underwood
Office Handbook A satirical look at the proper time and place to use your BlackBerry. mark for My Articles
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