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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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April 2005
Brian Doherty
Artifact: The Spirit of Popular Art With Will Eisner's 1978 graphic novel work A Contract With God he began a series of semi-autobiographical tales about big-city ethics, earning acclaim both inside and outside the comics community. mark for My Articles
Science News
April 2, 2005
Science Cartoons You can find a selection of Sidney Harris' delightful science-themed cartoons, organized by topic, in this Web gallery. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
April 2005
Ryan Underwood
Office Handbook Humorous story about executives pumping up stocks and racketeering. mark for My Articles
Martin Miller
Hugs and Kisses from the IRS Stung by criticism about poor service, the Internal Revenue Service is determined as never before to win the hearts and minds of ordinary taxpayers. A funny version of a new tax form. mark for My Articles
The Motley Fool
March 9, 2005
Bill Mann
The Fannie Mae Mad Lib The cleanup at Fannie Mae continues. Here is a satirical form article in the event of more stories. mark for My Articles
PC Magazine
March 2, 2005
Carol A. Mangis
Wear Your Spam! Spamshirts feature over 500 of your favorite junk e-mail headings. mark for My Articles
Bernie Alexander
Peter Sellers: The Unhappy Genius As Steve Martin gets ready to reprise the role of the Pink Panther in a new movie, let's take a look at the troubled life of the original -- Peter Sellers, one of the funniest comic actors to come out of Great Britain mark for My Articles
The Motley Fool
March 3, 2005
Seth Jayson
Carly Fiorina: The Edge of Reason A humorous look at the former HP CEO's upcoming professional prospects. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
March 2005
Diana Ransom
Trump, Distilled Read what the official "talking Trump doll" has to say. Adorned in a classic navy suit and trademark red tie, this mini-Trump offers 17 memorable magnate witticisms -- which is all anyone really needs. Here's a sampling. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
March 2005
Michael A. Prospero
Full of Mullarkey Neil Mullarkey is a British comedian who masquerades as a shady motivational speaker. mark for My Articles
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