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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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Sports Central
August 10, 2005
Billy Davis
Big Leagues or Big Screen? A parody about the National Baseball League and summer movies. mark for My Articles
Sports Central
August 6, 2005
Greg Wyshynski
Create Your Own Steroid Apology! Steroid apologies/mea culpas from baseball players don't necessarily have to be as pointless and meandering as Rafael Palmeiro's most recent one. In fact, there's an easy way to spice them up -- with this modified version of Mad Libs! mark for My Articles
August 2005
Peter Bagge
A Menace to Society A satirical cartoon depicting sick people who smoke pot to get better, and our government's tireless efforts to stop them. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
August 2005
Ryan Underwood
Office Handbook A humorous guide: When the company's for sale, you might be, too. mark for My Articles
August 1, 2005
Marshall Lager
All Up in Your Business Fixing business relationship problems, Dear Abbey style: My CRM vendor and I have been together more than a year, and I feel trapped... I'm always reading stories about CRM vendors giving their clients customer bliss, with full front... etc. mark for My Articles
Ryan Murphy
What's Up With Mullets? Apart from hockey playoffs and losing a bet, what is it that drives men to voluntarily have their hair shaped like a squirrel pelt? To understand the mullet, you first must mull over its history and its many questionable incarnations. mark for My Articles
August 2005
Jason Daley
Guinness or Gotcha? Here are five of the wildest records ever chronicled by Guinness, plus five impostors. Can you smell the BS? Answer key below. mark for My Articles
August 2005
Jason Daley
Look Homeward, 'Pecker Humorous interview with the last ivory-billed woodpecker. mark for My Articles
Mr. Mafioso
9 Ways To Go From Nobody To Somebody First, start small. Don't expect at 29 what everyone before you got at 59. There isn't one single thing you can do to transform your importance instantly. It all comes down to doing a combination of nine things. mark for My Articles
Ryan Murphy
How To: Crash A Wedding As the hit comedy Wedding Crashers proves, wedding season is a prime time for romance. That is, if you can get in. Here are a series of tips to crash a wedding in style. mark for My Articles
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