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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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October 2000
Philip Michaels
Survival of the Hippest Why not populate the Survivor island with computer-industry heavyweights? After all, who's more familiar with personal politicking, petty bickering, and vermin than the titans of Silicon Valley? mark for My Articles
September 5, 2000
End of summer quiz Have you been paying attention? Come, test your knowledge of Joe Lieberman, Hollywood lesbians and a Rat named Kelly. mark for My Articles
September 5, 2000
Damien Cave
What's so funny about the Net? Watch out. Tony Hendra's done National Lampoon, "Spitting Image" and "Spinal Tap"; now he's going online. mark for My Articles
September 1, 2000
Leigh Buchanan
Send in the Clowns Second City Communications Inc. sells a service that's trickier to deliver on than most: bringing humor to corporate America. In its own digs, however, funny's not a problem mark for My Articles
August 25, 2000
Michael Sragow
"The Complete Superman Collection" Up in the sky! Look! It's a dynamic collection of classic animated shorts in gleaming Technicolor! mark for My Articles
August 25, 2000
Lynda Barry
Comic: One Hundred Demons Why do some girls have girlness while other girls only have envy? mark for My Articles
August 23, 2000
Charlie Varon & Jim Rosenau
21st Challenge No. 35 Results Practice random acts of brevity: What happens when politicians are limited to five words? mark for My Articles
August 2000
Edward Cone
The Revolution Will Be Satirized Garry Trudeau is on a digital roll, reveling in dotcomedy - and chasing vertical eyeballs with his 3-D, full-motion, cross-platform Duke2000 campaign. mark for My Articles
August 11, 2000
Lynda Barry
Comic: One Hundred Demons The San Francisco growing inside me mark for My Articles
August 10, 2000
Alison Rogers
Our nups will bring you big bucks! Find the sponsorship opportunity to make our special day your big break. mark for My Articles
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