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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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September 29, 2000
Kenneth Cleaver
Missives to corporate America A consumer correspondent challenges SmithKline Beecham to start a Paxil softball league, wants Target-sponsored sunsets and confesses a desire for Gap mannequins. mark for My Articles
October 2000
Brickbats A life sentence for murder won't keep a cop off the streets, but depression will... Chicanos charge Cal State Northridge paper with racist slant... D.C. residents grumble about taxation without representation... England's Stockport bans history, ladies, and gentlemen - the words, that is... mark for My Articles
September 22, 2000
Lynda Barry
One Hundred Demons It's not so hot being cool mark for My Articles
September 21, 2000
Amie Barrodale
Unappreciated at any speed With their fast songs and enigmatic personalities, Alvin and the Chipmunks made it big -- until the suits at Universal Studios pulled the rug out from under them. Now they're fighting mad. mark for My Articles
September 21, 2000
Dottie Downturn
Dottie Downturn's trauma Nostalgia for the glory years, or post-dot-com downturn disorder? Whatever the case, Salon's new-economy etiquette arbiter clearly needs help. mark for My Articles
Sports Illustrated
September 20, 2000
Rick Reilly
Extreme Ping-Pong Putting a new spin on a basement classic mark for My Articles
Fast Company
October 2000
The Spy
Our Fellow Americans ... A Spy in the House of Work: On the dismantlement of our voter-targeted information service, mycampaignrhetoric(TM)... mark for My Articles
September 12, 2000
Cory Busse
Not-so-funny business Out on the road in the grimy world of stand-up comedy, the audience is mean, the comics are meaner and the guy with the best used-tampon joke wins. mark for My Articles
September 8, 2000
Lynda Barry
One Hundred Demons The cicadas fill the hour with sound. My friends' suicides fill me with blankness mark for My Articles
September 7, 2000
Gary Kamiya
Silencio, dude! Bush's secret plan to demolish the Al-meister in the presidential debates is revealed. mark for My Articles
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