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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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November 7, 2000
Carina Chocano
Night of the living dead The voters of Missouri have resurrected Mel Carnahan. It's enough to drive his opponent to prayer... mark for My Articles
November 3, 2000
John Warner & Kevin Guilfoile
Satire: Gored by Martin Sheen and Mandy Moore In which a grizzled veteran actor and a pretty new songbird mount inspiring letter campaigns to thwart third-party candidates and support the Vice Big Dog... mark for My Articles
November 3, 2000
Kenneth H. Cleaver
Dear Days Inn: Consider me bolted A motel epiphany: Common household objects work better nailed down. Another corporate missive from Kenneth H. Cleaver... mark for My Articles
November 2, 2000
Jeffrey S. Trachtman
Satire: Zagat's guide to the candidates Nader boasts "no frills" organic; Lazio has"all the character of a strip-mall Chili's"... mark for My Articles
November 2000
Steve Kurtz
Marxist Rebellion So how did these brothers, growing up poor on the streets of New York in the 1890s, become internationally known comic characters who have made all types of people laugh for almost a century now? Two new books attempt to answer this question... mark for My Articles
November 2000
Brickbats For 12 Pakistani soccer players, it was supposed to be a friendly game with a team in Afghanistan. The men forgot about the Taliban... Dallas man mistakenly beaten because previous resident of his house was a registered sex offender... Violent video games off-limits to Indianapolis minors... mark for My Articles
October 31, 2000
Smells like crushed teen spirit The 10 scariest things that could happen to the digital world... mark for My Articles
October 29, 2000
Katie Watson
How much is a Calista Flockhart impression worth? Saturday Night Live comedian Rachel Dratch explains the economics of being funny... mark for My Articles
October 27, 2000
Damien Cave
Get unreal Who wants a teacher's pet action figure in white underpants who can't even fly? mark for My Articles
October 24, 2000
Manny Kentros
Celebrity Battle: Al Gore Vs. A Wet Mop This week the staff stages an action packed fight between two strong personalities. We pit Presidential candidate Al Gore versus a wet mop... mark for My Articles
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