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May 23, 2014
Meg Brown
You Aren't Made Of Metal, But You Can Still Get As Fit As Colossus From X-Men Actor Daniel Cudmore tell us how he worked out hard to emulate the look and feel of the character, and did his best to represent the great artists that created him. mark for My Articles 190 similar articles
May 22, 2014
James Fell
Terry Crews Used To Be Incredibly Scrawny. Then Football Happened. Crews wasn't always big and bad-ass. It was a journey that began with a desire to escape his hometown. mark for My Articles 2 similar articles
Fast Company
June 2014
Josh Eells
Anna Kendrick Kendrick did an Oscar-nominated turn opposite George Clooney in Up in the Air, and rose to genuine stardom with 2012's Pitch Perfect -- is part of a new breed of actresses who somehow manage to seem eminently approachable. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
Evie Nagy
Watch A Murderer Use Snapchat To Commit The Perfect Crime In This 6-Minute Film In James Corbett's six-minute Murder On Snapchat, the app that deletes your messages seconds after they're sent is used to commit the perfect crime. It's creepy and dark, and feels like it could totally happen. mark for My Articles 36 similar articles
Fast Company
Ayana Byrd
How Filmmaker Erik Parker Is Reigniting Nas's Illmatic On Its 20th Anniversary A documentary called Time is Illmatic, which Erik Parker wrote and produced over the course of 10 years, premieres in the coveted position of opening night at the Tribeca Film festival, and the screening will be followed by Nas himself performing the album. mark for My Articles 28 similar articles
Fast Company
May 2014
The Market for Good vs. Evil You heard it here first: The evil sorceress is the new supervillain. mark for My Articles 1 similar article
March 15, 2014
Star-struck at Sundance Lola Saab looks back at this year's Sundance Film Festival, from the premieres to the celebrity lounges and parties mark for My Articles 61 similar articles
Adam Fox
The Cool Guy's Guide To Music Festivals Every year since 1987, Austin has hosted South by Southwest (aka SXSW) -- a 10-day music slash film slash interactive (read: technology) event that now draws crowds exceeding 130,000. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
March 7, 2014
Meg Brown
How Do You Get In Shape For A Movie Like 300: Rise Of An Empire? Whilst what you do in the gym is critical, it's the other 22 hours that can undo all the hard work. So it was a strict diet of red meat, fish and chicken, with bell peppers or green beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You get over it really quickly. mark for My Articles 145 similar articles
Fast Company
Nicole Laporte
How "Frozen" Director Jennifer Lee Reinvented The Story Of The Snow Queen The fact that Jennifer Lee is a woman isn't the only thing that makes her one of the most unorthodox directors at Walt Disney Animation Studios. mark for My Articles 247 similar articles
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