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Magazine articles on trends in the music industry, general music, and instruments.
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March 2004
Owen Edwards
The Object at Hand - Magic Wand Clarinetist Artie Shaw's recordings recall the nostalgic power of the big-band sound. mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
February 2, 2004
Robert D. Hof
Do We Have To Have A Digital Revolution? The latest technology -- from digital cameras to digital music -- is not always the best mark for My Articles 138 similar articles
Science News
January 10, 2004
Sounds of Music Interested in the relationship between musical instruments and the physics of sound? This Rice University Web site offers illustrated explanations of physics terms such as pitch, frequency, and standing waves. It also demonstrates tuning systems, intervals, octaves, and more. mark for My Articles 25 similar articles
January 2004
Nick Gillespie
Welcome Back, Napster There's a special reason to be happy that Napster, the notorious outlaw file-sharing system that took a long, court-ordered hiatus, has returned as a major-label-backed enterprise offering single-track downloads for 99 cents. It's the freedom not to pay for songs you don't want. mark for My Articles 336 similar articles
January 2004
Greg Milner
The 100-Megabit Guitar Gibson's maverick CEO wants to shove Ethernet up your ax and rock the music world. mark for My Articles 37 similar articles
The Motley Fool
December 30, 2003
Dayana Yochim
XM on Trial Taking XM Satellite Radio for a test drive. mark for My Articles 634 similar articles
January 2004
David Leishman
Digital Performer 4.1 Simply put, the new version of this music-production program rocks on OS X. mark for My Articles 127 similar articles
PC World
January 2004
Eric Dahl
Big-Time Music Services Arrive New stores from Apple, Musicmatch, and Napster offer legal, affordable tunes. mark for My Articles 693 similar articles
Knowledge@Wharton Which Online Music Service Will Have the Longest Playing Time? Since May 2003, when Apple's online music service, iTunes, opened its digital doors, the drums announcing other online music services -- new enterprises as well as existing music services spruced up and recharged -- have been steadily beating. Which ones will have longevity? mark for My Articles 484 similar articles
PC Magazine
December 30, 2003
Ted Huang
Get Digital Get Digital provides next-day digital encoding for the time-constrained music lover. mark for My Articles 155 similar articles
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