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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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June 20, 2001
Nina Siegal
The crying game Amanda Milan was a jet-setting, transgender escort. Why did she wind up with a knife in her throat at New York's Port Authority bus terminal? mark for My Articles
June 20, 2001
Lauren Proctor
Put your head on my shoulder Most days that summer Julie and I spent looking for ghosts and singing Leif Garrett songs. Then Joanna came along... mark for My Articles
June 5, 2001
Kate Convissor
Home, sweet not home We are trailer transients with no basement, no garden, no clothesline... mark for My Articles
June 18, 2001
Andrew Vontz
The Disneyland disco In pursuit of the mega Mickey Mouse rave, a handful of candy ravers aim to make the Happiest Place on Earth just a little bit happier... mark for My Articles
June 18, 2001
David Stein
My last best hand job I thought I was washed up as a male hand model -- until Shelly called... mark for My Articles
June 15, 2001
Paul J. Williams
The plastered paterfamilias My dad was drunk and irresistible. If I'm in denial, I plan to stay there... mark for My Articles
June 13, 2001
Steve Burgess
Memoirs of a gai-jin at the Ichiriki For 400 years, Japan's legendary geisha house has been satisfying clients. Tonight, Captain Coquette, Sultaness of Spark, has eyes only for me... mark for My Articles
June 6, 2001
Peter Nichols
Shipwrecked in Manhattan His sailboat sank in the middle of the Atlantic, but how he found his way back to sea was even more unexpected... mark for My Articles
May 18, 2001
Ian O'Doherty
Everybody must get stoned Out of my gourd in Zimbabwe, I had the distinct feeling baboons were trailing me. And then the pelting began... mark for My Articles
May 16, 2001
Jen Wiest
The water in Cairo in summer Sometimes the snakes, the bong hits and the plague are all visible through the lens of one place in one season... mark for My Articles
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