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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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March 21, 2001
J.B. Orenstein
A matter of life in death It begins with carnage and never really ends. The story of an attempt to rescue an unborn baby from a car crash. mark for My Articles
March 16, 2001
Cary Tennis
Punk wake Sometimes the best place to read "Finnegans Wake" aloud is in a disgusting San Francisco nightclub flanked by a wall of TVs. mark for My Articles
March 14, 2001
Susan Kushner Resnick
Clipping the family jewels Becoming a mother turned me into a child, but my husband's vasectomy made a woman out of me... mark for My Articles
March 8, 2001
Joel Blum
My dad, Vegas, acid and enlightenment Al looks for nirvana and I go along for the ride... mark for My Articles
March 7, 2001
Eve Parnell
Lost and found My first love tracks me down and my first life flashes before my eyes... mark for My Articles
February 23, 2001
Margaret Finnegan
A hero's retreat Dad hit us, Mom watched, and then -- a miracle... mark for My Articles
February 22, 2001
C. Mann
Knocked senseless A fist to the face sends me into familiar stages of humiliation, anger and amnesia... mark for My Articles
February 21, 2001
Mark Cloud
Nothing like a good mystery We read together as the plot, and her waist, thicken... mark for My Articles
February 15, 2001
Chris Colin
Riding the Cottonmouth Express -- to hell Some passengers looked up; others were oblivious. Me, I wondered how they were going to ship my corpse back East... mark for My Articles
February 14, 2001
Erin Aubry Kaplan
The color of love He was a white teacher accused of racism. I was the black reporter on his case. We broke all the rules. mark for My Articles
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