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Magazine articles on television shows, trends, actors, and actresses.
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July 11, 2002
Carina Chocano
Watching the defective Tony Shalhoub plays a brilliant San Francisco detective (with a morbid fear of dairy products) in USA's agreeable old-school puzzler "Monk." mark for My Articles 5 similar articles
July 11, 2002
Lawrence Goodman
Celebrity pill pushers Under the guise of "public service," pharmaceutical companies are quietly paying stars to solicit new customers on TV talk shows with tales of personal suffering and blessed relief. mark for My Articles 32 similar articles
July 1, 2002
Laura Miller
At home with Agent 99 Actress Barbara Feldon, in her new role as author of "Living Alone and Loving It," invites a few of us over to listen and learn. mark for My Articles
June 29, 2002
Ian Rothkerch
"What drugs have not destroyed, the war on them has" David Simon, creator of the searing new HBO series "The Wire," on why even the best cop shows are phony and our anti-drug mania amounts to a permanent war against the underclass. mark for My Articles 18 similar articles
June 27, 2002
Carina Chocano
Cruel summer Amateur Whitney Houston covers! "Baywatch" babes turned low-rent spokesmodels! Obscene crank calls! If you found the prime-time season too taxing, summer TV is for you. mark for My Articles 10 similar articles
June 26, 2002
Mark Simmons
Why Did NBC Drop The NBA? With ABC and ESPN picking up the torch from NBC for the rights to broadcast NBA games, analysts are asking whether the Peacock Network made the right decision by letting the NBA go. mark for My Articles 659 similar articles
Knowledge@Wharton Talking Back to the Tube: The Future of Interactive Television How will the brave new world of interactive television change society? Tune in at a later date to find out. mark for My Articles 203 similar articles
June 15, 2002
Carina Chocano
Who wants to marry a regular person? In Michael Apted's sad, hopeful and deeply moving new documentary series on marriage in America, "I do" isn't a happy ending -- but rather an uncertain beginning. mark for My Articles 199 similar articles
June 6, 2002
Carina Chocano
They care a lot The cops, firefighters and paramedics of ABC's reality series "Boston 24/7" are so inspiring, dedicated and hardworking it's... weirdly depressing. Still, just try to switch it off. mark for My Articles 1 similar article
June 5, 2002
Laura Miller
Sex, death and other family matters HBO's "Six Feet Under" ends its second season with a series of soap-opera devices -- but refuses to preach, lie or moralize about its most painful subject: Family life. mark for My Articles 14 similar articles
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