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Magazine articles on active trading strategies, hedge funds, futures, options, and other derivatives.
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Technology Research News
May 21, 2003
Smalley & Patch
Model explains market movements Researchers from the MIT and Boston University have developed a mathematical model that explains some well-known fluctuation patterns in the stock market. mark for My Articles 37 similar articles
March 26, 2003
Derivatives Risk in Commercial Banking Derivatives serve an essential role in the U.S. and world economies but also present certain risks to the deposit insurance funds. This article explains what these risks are and describes how they are managed within commercial banking. mark for My Articles 412 similar articles
Registered Rep.
March 1, 2003
David Geracioti
In Praise of Gains, Any Gains Hedge funds are not the daredevil investment vehicle that they're made out to be. In fact, they might very well be an essential component of a bear market portfolio. mark for My Articles 586 similar articles
Registered Rep.
March 1, 2003
Eric Uhlfelder
Managing the Future For those still willing to make some moves, commodity trading advisor programs (CTAs), also known as managed futures, can be an attractive alternative to equities. By their very nature, commodity funds excel during bouts of volatility. mark for My Articles 128 similar articles
February 26, 2003
The Perils of Hedge Fund Regulation Hedge fund products are increasingly available to a broader audience than previously had access to this asset class. A barrage of news reports focused on hedge fund fraud and blowups raises the idea that regulation might provide a useful fix. So should hedge funds be regulated? No. mark for My Articles 746 similar articles
February 12, 2003
The Changing Use of Derivatives: More Hedging, Less Speculation High-risk gambles like those that torpedoed Orange County, Gibson and P&G are far less likely than conservative plays meant to hedge against loss in underlying markets such as energy, commodities or currencies. mark for My Articles 260 similar articles
Registered Rep.
November 1, 2002
Dave Tsujimoto
In Defense of Hedge Funds Here's why any rep with high-net-worth clients ought to become familiar with the nuances of hedge funds. mark for My Articles 740 similar articles
June 26, 2002
Damien Cave
Foxes guarding the chicken coop President Bush's nominees to the agency that should have regulated Enron's derivatives trading instead helped write the rules that let the company do whatever it wanted in the first place. mark for My Articles 283 similar articles
U.S. Banker
May 2002
Paul Muolo
FM Watch Campaign Boomerangs The anti-Fannie, anti-Freddie coalition thought it was smart scaring the public about the government-sponsored enterprises' use of derivatives, but the strategy has backfired... mark for My Articles 525 similar articles
March 2002
Michael Kaplan
The High Tech Trifecta They've got multimillion-dollar bankrolls, lightning-fast networks, and a probability-crunching system that leaves the odds in the dust. Meet the pari-mutuel fund managers who are redefining horse racing... mark for My Articles 123 similar articles
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