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Magazine articles on personal finance, budgeting, saving money, and financial planning.
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December 2012
Alitalia American Express Alitalia has launched a new credit card for U.S. residents. The Alitalia American Express is issued by First Bankcard, a division of First National Bank of Omaha, and offers two miles per $1 spent on all Alitalia purchases and one mile per $1 spent on all other purchases. mark for My Articles 261 similar articles
December 2012
PointsHound Bonus Miles Frequent flyer program members can now earn miles when making hotel reservations through mark for My Articles 738 similar articles
October 29, 2012
Lauren Brousell
Mobile Payments Are Just a Text Message Away Barclays Bank puts a personal spin on mobile payments with a person-to-person mobile app that lets customers send and receive payments via text messages between iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile phones. mark for My Articles 190 similar articles
Financial Advisor
November 2012
Karen DeMasters
Unforeseen Entanglements Couples who live together but aren't married face their own planning hurdles. mark for My Articles 64 similar articles
Registered Rep.
October 23, 2012
Mark Miller
Playing Health Insurance Roulette Most seniors will need long-term care at some point. Here's how to plan for that. mark for My Articles 193 similar articles
Registered Rep.
October 22, 2012
Kevin McKinley
Giving Working Clients a Health Insurance Checkup As health care has taken center stage in the national debate, one of clients' biggest concerns is how to handle their ever-increasing and always-confusing health insurance and health care costs. mark for My Articles 181 similar articles
Registered Rep.
October 15, 2012
Lynn O'Shaughnessy
College at a Discount Next year, a Minnesota-based university will cut its tuition by 33 percent for all its students. Others will likely follow. mark for My Articles 667 similar articles
Financial Planning
November 1, 2012
Miriam Rozen
The Dreaded Question: Do You Have Long-Term Care Insurance For some planners, there is nothing more difficult to answer than, Do you have long-term care insurance? mark for My Articles 35 similar articles
HBS Working Knowledge
October 24, 2012
Kim Girard
Want People to Save More? Send a Text What's the most effective way to encourage people to save their money? The answer lies in a combination of peer pressure and text messages, according to new research. mark for My Articles 12 similar articles
November 2012
60 Seconds with Sisy Vicente, General Manager Chase Card Services We recently spoke with Sisy Vicente, General Manager Chase Card Services about the Marriott Rewards co-branded cards. mark for My Articles 297 similar articles
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