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Magazine articles on retirement plans, pensions, and planning.
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The Motley Fool
September 7, 2007
Dan Caplinger
Buy Your Employer's Stock If you have a chance to invest in your employer's stock, don't automatically dismiss it. Big mistakes others have made shouldn't keep you from taking advantage of this potentially lucrative investment. But do take precautions. mark for My Articles 995 similar articles
Financial Advisor
September 2007
Alan Lavine
Looking For Certainty Sponsors of 401(k) and 403(b) plans want employees to draw a stable source of retirement income from them. But it's a daunting task to manage a portfolio of mutual funds while withdrawing money, based on government-mandated minimum distribution rules. A few plan sponsors already have begun adding income replacement funds to solve this problem. mark for My Articles 1585 similar articles
September 17, 2007
Nanette Byrnes
Can Retirees Afford This Much Risk? Public pensions may have grown addicted to high-risk alternative investments. mark for My Articles 620 similar articles
Investment Advisor
September 2007
Melanie Waddell
Failure to Compute? The Department of Labor is set to tell Congress by year-end if computer models are suitable for IRAs. mark for My Articles 738 similar articles
The Motley Fool
August 27, 2007
Amanda B. Kish
Lifecycle Investing's Next Step Target-date funds make an old idea new again. The next generation of lifecycle funds are seeking to add value by making continuous shifts among stocks, bonds, and cash, instead of just reducing equity exposure over time. mark for My Articles 340 similar articles
Real Estate Portfolio
Jul/Aug 2007
John Keefe
Role Model Real estate investment long has been viewed by pension plans, also known as defined benefit plans, as a core asset in their opportunity set of investments to provide portfolio diversification and to meet future retirement obligations. mark for My Articles 840 similar articles
The Motley Fool
August 22, 2007
Amanda B. Kish
Funds That Hit the Target More and more firms and retirement plans are beginning to offer target-date funds, asset-allocation funds that are designated by the year in which an investor plans to retire. Are they right for you? mark for My Articles 567 similar articles
September 2007
Easy Does It Life cycle funds make retirement investing simple. mark for My Articles 970 similar articles
September 2007
Jennifer Pellet
Roth Redux A new act raises the ban off of Roth IRAs. mark for My Articles 1014 similar articles
The Motley Fool
August 14, 2007
Robert Brokamp
A Brief History of a Stupid Investor If you want to increase your wealth, if you want to protect your wealth, and if you want to parlay that wealth into a long retirement, an intelligently created and maintained asset allocation is the way to go. mark for My Articles 730 similar articles
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