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Magazine articles on dieting, the effects of diet on health, nutrition, and healthy foods.
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Science News
July 5, 2003
Janet Raloff
Soy Greens -- The Coming Health Food? Now, for those who eschew tofu or are tired of crunching soy nuts, Zhen-Yu Chen of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and his colleagues offer a decidedly different soy option: the greens. mark for My Articles 175 similar articles
July 3, 2003
Sarah Keefe
The Health Benefits of Nuts Researchers now report that nuts may have a myriad of health benefits, from preventing heart disease and diabetes to fighting cancer -- and furthermore, nuts are not as fattening as previously thought. mark for My Articles 320 similar articles
July 2003
Paul Scott
Fortified to Thrive Are the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients packed into everything you chug and chew the real secret to becoming a finely tuned sports superstar? mark for My Articles 1440 similar articles
June 19, 2003
Sarah Keefe
The Benefits Of A Mediterranean Diet Besides sporting beautiful beaches, beautiful people and a downright agreeable climate, the Mediterranean boasts a diet that promotes both longevity and a decreased risk of heart disease. mark for My Articles 442 similar articles
Science News
June 7, 2003
Ben Harder
Skipping Meals Might Offer Health Gains Skipping some meals -- or occasionally fasting for the day -- might be beneficial, even if overall calorie consumption remains unchanged. Recent studies on lab animals seem to support that notion. mark for My Articles 141 similar articles
June 5, 2003
Sarah Keefe
What Causes Food Cravings? Food cravings can be very powerful, and if you find yourself daydreaming about a bowl of popcorn during an afternoon lull, or craving a sweet dessert even though you're full from dinner, you may need to discover the real reasons behind your cravings. mark for My Articles 210 similar articles
Sarah Keefe
5 Reasons Why You're Overeating Many men overeat and don't even realize that they do; in fact, eating is often tied into so many other activities that it's hard to pinpoint when overeating takes place. mark for My Articles 314 similar articles
Science News
May 17, 2003
Janet Raloff
School Lunches are Struggling to Earn High Marks In the nation's schools, the presence of sweet, high-fat snacks in vending machines and on cafeteria lines are undercutting efforts by those institutions to improve the nutrition of U.S. youngsters. mark for My Articles 442 similar articles
May 8, 2003
Sarah Keefe
Eating Well: Improve Your Body & Mind What you eat plays a very important role in the regulation of your moods and your emotional well-being. A healthy diet is essential for boosting your immune system, keeping you lean and preventing cancer. mark for My Articles 718 similar articles
Science News
May 3, 2003
Janet Raloff
Selenium's Value to Prostate Health Prostate cancer remains the most common malignancy among U.S. men. Though few studies have offered much insight into what triggers this disease, a growing number of researchers have found evidence suggesting that dietary selenium protects men against this cancer. mark for My Articles 505 similar articles
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