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Magazine articles on dieting, the effects of diet on health, nutrition, and healthy foods.
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Science News
October 18, 2003
Janet Raloff
As If You Needed Another Reason to Eat Strawberries (with recipe) Scientists at Cornell University find that this fragile fruit not only tastes great and contains vitamins but also may offer surprisingly potent benefits in the body's fight against cancer and heart disease. mark for My Articles 360 similar articles
American Family Physician
October 15, 2003
Kiefer & Pantuso
Panax ginseng Results of clinical research studies demonstrate that Panax ginseng may improve psychologic function, immune function, and conditions associated with diabetes. Overall, Panax ginseng appears to be well tolerated. mark for My Articles 38 similar articles
October 9, 2003
Mike Davison
Q&A On Sugar & Sweeteners Does sugar cause weight gain?... Does sugar cause diabetes?... Does sugar make you overeat?... Does sugar have any nutritional value?... Is sugar addictive?... Do we crave sweets?... Do artificial sweeteners cause cancer?... etc. mark for My Articles 493 similar articles
October 13, 2003
Anne Tergesen
The Fine Art of Finding the Fat Trans-fats won't be listed on all food items till 2006. Here's how to spot them now. mark for My Articles 334 similar articles
National Gardening
Charlie Nardozzi
Organic Produce is Better for Kids Gardeners know organic practices are good for the soil, and now there's evidence organic food is better for our kids as well. mark for My Articles 252 similar articles
Science News
September 27, 2003
Janet Raloff
The Risks in Sweet Solutions to Young Thirsts Babies seem to be born with a sweet tooth -- one that many adults retain. However, parents and caregivers who indulge a child's appetite for sugary drinks may be fostering cavities in their children's teeth, a new study finds. mark for My Articles 180 similar articles
September 25, 2003
Mike Davison
The Truth About Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners If you respect the accepted daily intakes set out by the FDA, and consume them only in moderation, there are healthy ways to reduce calories and add sweetness without altering blood sugar levels. mark for My Articles 471 similar articles
September 22, 2003
Evan Campbell
Fitness Top 10: Low-Calorie Drinks If you want to trim down by cutting some liquid calories, read on for a list of low-fat, low-calorie drinks that still pack a punch taste-wise. mark for My Articles 702 similar articles
American Family Physician
September 1, 2003
Healthy Eating for Blood Pressure Control You can help lower your blood pressure by eating foods that are part of a healthy diet. If you want to keep your blood pressure normal, the best diet is one that is low in salt, sugar, and fat, and high in calcium, magnesium, and potassium. mark for My Articles 1253 similar articles
American Family Physician
September 1, 2003
Sierpina et al.
Gingko Bilboa Clinical issues of safety, dosing, use in the perioperative period, and pharmacology are addressed in this review. mark for My Articles 88 similar articles
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