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Magazine articles on exercise and fitness.
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May 15, 2003
Pete Sisco
Set A Personal Record In Any Exercise Personal progress provides its own motivation. Few things in the gym provide more positive feedback and personal motivation than setting a personal record on a favorite exercise. mark for My Articles 618 similar articles
May 2003
Andrew Tilin
This is Your Life The Fountain of Youth is a myth. But take heart: Intelligent training and an adventurous spirit will keep you running, kicking, screaming at the peak of your potential for years to come. A decade-by-decade guide to perpetual fitness mark for My Articles 587 similar articles
May 1, 2003
Pete Sisco
The U.S. Military Force Workout How can a soldier prepare to carry 50 to 100 pounds of equipment, move an injured comrade and operate artillery -- all in the same day? mark for My Articles 251 similar articles
Science News
April 19, 2003
Janet Raloff
Homing In on Ephedra's Risks Data reported this week by researchers at South Dakota State University in Brookings offered some clues to why the active ingredients in supplements containing ephedra may pose a special risk to athletes and others who exercise strenuously. mark for My Articles 98 similar articles
April 17, 2003
Pete Sisco
Losing Those Love Handles Today I'm going to reveal how men can lose that extra fat around their midsection, sometimes referred to as "love handles" or a "spare tire." But I'm going to tell you the truth about how to go about it, whereas most other "fitness experts" would offer up techniques that are virtually useless. mark for My Articles 438 similar articles
April 10, 2003
Sabrina Rogers
What To Eat & Drink Before & After Workouts If you really want to get the best results from all those intense training sessions, here's what you should be eating and drinking before, during and after your workouts. mark for My Articles 959 similar articles
April 3, 2003
Pete Sisco
Training When You're Over 40 There's no good reason to deplete ourselves by performing more exercise than necessary to achieve our goals. mark for My Articles 674 similar articles
April 2003
Dimity McDowell
Train Short, Go Long Grueling workouts are the only way to get ready for long-distance endurance, right? Wrong. mark for My Articles 28 similar articles
March 20, 2003
Pete Sisco
The Essential Bodybuilding Glossary An essential guide to the most commonly used terms in the gym. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with them, and you'll feel more comfortable and competent whilst working out. After all, knowledge is power. mark for My Articles 693 similar articles
American Family Physician
March 15, 2003
Physical Activity for Healthy Weight How are physical activity, weight, and health related?... How will physical activity help me?... I have a busy life -- how can I find time to exercise?... How do I get started?... What's next? What kind of exercise program should I follow?... etc. mark for My Articles 644 similar articles
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